What I Like


So yeah I am one of those lame people that believe my taste in most everything is sightly more awesome than everyone elses (kinda douchey? yes it is) and I have deided to share my awesomeness in the form of several favorites lists. Heeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee we gooooooooooo!


1) bewitched/penelope- I absolutly love these two movies because they ALWAYS put a smile on my face and make me feel instantly better. They are not oscar winning movies and I am sure most people wouldn’t put them on a faves list, but I think if it makes you happy watch it.

2) girl interrupted- Ok so I am training to be a therapist so you might think that this is here because these are the people I would want to treat right? Well wrong these are the girls I want to hang out with because they are so completely insane and lost and AMAZING!

3) superbad- It is a movie about high school and growing up that is not corney and for that reason I love it. It also helps that all of Seth’s movies are hilarious. I would also like to include: 40 year old virgin, pinapple express & knocked up.

4) the baxter- You may have not heard of this movie and if you had you may not have liked it, but I encourage you to watch it.  Seriously its one of those movies that you need to give a chance because it is pretty darn cool in a goofball sort of way.

5) hard candy/juno- I love ellen page! I was obsessed with hard candy ever since I first heard about it on some IFC special about sex in the movies and I went crazy trying to find it. Once I did I could not stop watching it because ellen kicked ass the entire movie and watching Patrick squirm the whole time was like the icing on a delicious cake of revenge. As for Juno, well everyone knows that rocks.

6) v for vendetta/garden state/closer- Anything starring Natalie Portman is a sell for me because I grew up watching her and think she is amazing. With that said, each one of these movies has effected me in some kind of way and I adore them more than I can say.

7) scoop/annie hall/match point/ melinda and melinda/anything else/mighty aphrodite- Woody Allen movies are the best ever! Seriously nothing more to say WATCH THEM ALL!

8 the omen II- No offense to the Omen I, III, & IV but II is the best of the entire series. I wanted to be Damien (yes I know that sounds crazy) because he scared the hell out of all those adults and I loved the power.

9) clueless- this movie changed my life and brought me into my teen years. When it came out I had the clothes, the pens, hell I even took on Deon’s accent. I may not watch it as much as I did when I was younger, but I still know every word and can act out the entire movie. Also include: the craft.

10) roman holiday/breakfast at tiffanys – Hepburn…enough said.

11) singin in the rain- I was watching one of those old movie channels one night and stumbled accross this movie and ever since then I find myself watching it everytime it is on.

12) amelie/dirty pretty things/davinci code- A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Amelie and I loved it. Then he mentioned dirty pretty things and I loved that. Now I kinda just love stuff with audrey tatou in it.

13) eternal sunshine of the spotless mind/little children- Two Kate movies because she is an amazing actress (as are her wonderful male costars) and I love all of her movies. Except Titanic, I know I know my vagina is going to be revoked for saying that, but I hated that shit.

14) the shape of things- another movie you may not have heard of, but yet again definitly something you should see. Its like a modern day twist on the old Adam and Eve story.

15) harry potter movies- duh!

16) prozac nation- another movie about a mental health issue that I loved not because I wanted to treat the person, but because I admired them.

17) seven/silence of the lambs- any movie having to do with serial killers I will watch and these are my two favorites.

18) harold and maude- cameron diaz mentions this movie in something about mary and ever since then I have wanted to see it. Once I did I instantly lovd it because of its super strange premise and unlikey love story.

19) circle of friends- you can find me watching this A LOT. It is about a imperfect girl that nabs the perfect guy and best of all it doesn’t go for that whole “he loves her for whats inside” angle (those are such bullshit). The guy wants her because he is attracted to her in every way and I wish more movies would take that angle.  Plus there is some major dramz towards the end.

20) whats eating gilbert grape/every single Johnny Depp movie- I love Johnny and I have most likely seen every movie of his, but this is pretty much my favorite because I really like this family. Also Leo is so ridicoulously good in it and I wish more people loved him for this role rather than the teen heartthtob titanic role.

21) kill bill l& ll/deathproof/ pretty much all things quentin- Next to Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino is my favorite director. I love men that can write women well and Quentin is one of the few that really can. My dream is to be a tarantino girl.

22) igby goes down- remember the kid from home alone? well this is his little brother and I like Rory way better. Its a really cool movie that kinda captures that whole catcher in the rye vibe without fully going there.

23) devil’s advocate- so Keanu Reeves kinda annoys me, but in this movie I actually like him. And scarface himself is in it so yeah you know…awesome.

24) muriel’s wedding- someone once told me this movie was somewhat depressing, but I think it is hilarious. Muriel is the loveable loser we all want to root for.

25) love actually- its a holiday movie about love and for those reasons it should really suck ass, but it doesn’t and I love it for that.

26) talented mr. ripley- matt damon is amazing in this movie. I get so caught up in it that I actually root for him to kill people (are we seeing a pattern of crazy here)

27) taxi driver/the departed- I love to watch these two and I can’t really tell you why. It is just one of those things where something about it you love and maybe you are too afriad to find out what that is.

28) bring it on- another movie on the level of clueless and yet another movie that I know every word to. I wanted to be a cheerleader so bad for most of my life, but I never went to schools with decent squads (I now just play wii cheer). When this movie came out I loved it and learned the cheer rutines (lame I know), and I will always respond to the words: SPIRIT FINGERS!

29) bridget jones diary- I just like it and its yet another movie that makes me feel good when I watch it.

30) bye bye birdie/ hairspray (the original and remake)- I saw bbb and hairspray when I was a kid and I was hooked.  I know all of the songs and dance routines and I think they are absolutly wonderful. I highly reccommend the original harspray w/ rikki lake becasue it is way better than the remake, which is good in its own right.

And that is all for movies, though I am sure that I have a million more I could add because my list of faves spans far and wide.  These are by far some of the best ones and I can watch them over and over again. Hope you check them out 8)


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