I Can’t w/ Online Dating

Hey, So recently I’ve been having these really mundane dreams where I’m meeting different cute guys, they’re not even super sexy it’s just like me flirting or going on dates. Seriously the hottest thing that happened was a full on make-out session. I get these from time to time and have learned this is just […]

Current Obsessions: Indie Edition

Hey There! It’s time for another current obsessions list and this edition focuses on my less mainstream loves of the moment. So let’s get started shall we…. 1. Camp- Childish Gambino If you watch community you already know who Donald Glover is and if you have ever seen his comedy act you already know he […]

Current Obsession: The Brothers Bloom

I would like to point out I just saw this movie yesterday and I am already BEYOND obsessed with it, but before I give you my reasons why check out the trailer. I dare you not to think of five reasons just from seeing it…. See what I mean? If there is that much awesomeness […]