Dietland…Is It Worth Watching?

“This is your real life. You’re already living it.” If you have cable then you most likely have seen ads for AMC’s new show Dietland and you’re probably wondering what the heck it is.  I too had never heard of the show or the book it was based on but my interest was piqued and I decided to check it out.  I’ve breezed past the first three … Continue reading Dietland…Is It Worth Watching?

YouTube Channels I’ve Followed Longest

  Hey, So I am a bit a YouTube Junkie and I legitimately think it is a great form of entertainment … for the most part. There’s a lot of content out there and it can be hard to find channels you enjoy which is why it’s always interesting to hear what channels other people love and have followed for ages, and that’s why we are … Continue reading YouTube Channels I’ve Followed Longest

Netflix Diaries: The 13th

We are products of the history our ancestors chose.  Hey, Normally when I do these Netflix recs it’s for something funny and light or romantic or creepy, but this recommendation is going to be a little different because this film is something that needs to be seen. With all of the talk surrounding Birth of a Nation and supporting black films I wanted to highlight a … Continue reading Netflix Diaries: The 13th