Please Fix Your F**ked Up Attitude

Hey you!

Yes, you there. Can you do me one teeny tiny itsy bitsy little favor?  Could you try not to be a complete dick today? I’m not saying you will be, I’m sure many of you are lovely people, it’s just the ones that aren’t who I’m going to need to get your shit together.

I’m talking about the guy I saw call a woman a fat cunt because she had the audacity to turn, my delivery guy who was so pissed he had to do his job he thought it was ok to be an ass, every white person who thinks it’s their right to call the police on minorities, and every other miserable piece of shit that acts like it’s their duty to mess up everyone else’s day.  Your attitude is like an infection that spreads to everyone you come in contact with and I am sick of it. People like you have created enough problems in this world we don’t need you calling us vile names while we drive to work or get our morning coffee. Calm down!

I get it, you’re angry because you think the world has somehow been unfair to you and it probably has.  The world has been unfair to everyone and yet it’s those of you with the least obstacles who are quickest to yank out your phones and tiki torches in anger. The rest of us understand sometimes things don’t go our way and we learn to move the fuck on. We get anger has a way of spreading and making people miserable only makes our world worse so we smile, even if sometimes we don’t feel like it, because we understand our bad mood doesn’t have to be everyone else’s.  Ruining someones life doesn’t improve yours, if you take something from someone simply because you can you have done nothing but further demonstrate you’re a crap human.  That other person will take the hit and move on but you will still be stuck sitting on your parents couch like the miserable loser you are.

So to all of you, from those in Washington making shitty laws to the ones sitting in dark rooms insulting people on the internet to the assholes seeking out ways to destroy happiness on the daily, fix your fucking attitude.  Don’t fix it for the rest of us, our progress will continue to be made whether you’re on board or not and our joy will always push out the darkness, fix your attitude for yourself. You’re the only person being hurt here so stop being a whiny little brat and go do something positive in the world.

Peace out!




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