Friday Five: Favorites Edition


It’s Friday which means it’s time for another Friday Five and this one is all about my absolute favorite movies. I feel like favorite films are great because they don’t have to be the most critically acclaimed or even the most popular they just have to resonate with you.  Favorites make you come back over and over again despite the fact that you’ve seen them a thousand times and know all the words, so without further adieu here are my five go to films.

All-Time Favorite: Circle of Friends


If you have never seen this wonderful little movie I feel bad for you because you are seriously missing out. My grandfather saw this before me and he was constantly telling me I would absolutely love it.  I ended up checking it out and it quickly ascended to the place of my all time favorite film. I love it so much I have multiple copies of it on DVD just in case one goes out and I can’t get another.

Holiday Favorite: Babycakes


My mom loved this when I was a kid and I kind of inherited that love. If I’m being honest Babycakes might have been relegated to cute movie I like if not for the fact that it is difficult to get on DVD and one day I may never get to see my beloved Babycakes again which makes it so special. Like I seriously love the person who keeps uploading this to YouTube, they are the real MVP.

Tie: While You Were Sleeping


I will watch this any time of year if I’m being honest, but Christmas just is not Christmas without this playing on a loop… plus it takes place in Chicago.

Never Miss on TV: The Color Purple


I’m not sure why I don’t have The Color Purple on DVD but for some reason, I never picked it up. I will, however, watch this every single time I come across it on TV and I know every single word.

Camp Classic: Death Becomes Her/She-Devil


I’m putting these two together seeing as I watch them pretty much interchangeably and love them equally as much. There’s something about Meryl acting like a Real Housewife of New Jersey that is just endlessly entertaining. Plus Death Becomes Her is one of Michael B. Jordan’s all-time faves so when we’re dating this can be our Friday night chill out movie…

Don’t question my delusions!

Critical Darling: Taxi Driver


Dude, it’s Taxi Driver do I really need to explain this?

And those my friends are my go-to favorite films, what are some of yours? As always let me know in the comments below.




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