My Tips to Sleep Better


Yesterday I wrote about how changing my sleeping habits just a little made me feel a thousand times better both physically and mentally and I promised that today I would write about some of the things I do to help improve the quality of my sleep. So lets get into the list shall we…

1. Clean up


It has actually been proven that you sleep better in a clean bed, so try to make your bed up before you get in for the night or at the very least just straighten it a little. I don’t do this all of the time, but I have noticed from time to time I will hop out of bed and make it up because I just can’t stand to sleep in it when it’s messy. I also recommend taking a shower before bed because it’s both refreshing and relaxing.

2. Set the mood

For quite some time I was one of those people who never quite understood why people loved candles and fairy lights so much, then I randomly started lighting some candles I had around and I immediately got it. It is so relaxing to have a chunk of time where you can  sit in soft lighting. It’s just light enough that you aren’t sitting in a dark room and it’s dim enough to really relax you and help you chill out more. I personally love to go in my room shut the big lights off, light a candle, and flip on some fairy lights. And in case you think fairy lights can get expensive I find all of mine in the Spot’s Playground area in Target.

3. Tune Out

We all know this by now but I’m going to say it again, TURN OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! At a certain point in your day you really need to flip the switch on the social media accounts because they rarely ever lead to good things, plus you don’t really want to go to bed thinking about what someone else is doing or what they said and if you are anything like me some of the stuff on your feed just ends up giving you a rage headache and no one needs that before bed.

4. Chill out


I like to spend the hours before I go to bed catching up on TV or reading. Usually I have a list of shows I want to watch or catch up on and I’ll  pick the most bedtime worthy ones to watch. When I say bedtime worthy I simply mean shows that are interesting and that I enjoy that aren’t super scary or suspenseful so I don’t get worked up before I go to bed and also things that I can stop watching that don’t have like major cliffhangers that trick me into watching episode after episode. The same thing goes for books because sometimes if I’m reading a book that I want to know what happens next I’ll forgo sleep to finish it and that’s counter productive.

Some of my favorites for this purpose are Felicity, A Different World, Living Single, Frasier, Drop Dead Diva, King of the Hill, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, Mike and Molly and my current favorite Samantha Who. As for books I recently read My Lady Jane and it was the perfect book for this purpose, interesting enough you want to keep picking it up but mellow enough you can put it down and go to sleep. I also really enjoyed reading Attachments and Fangirl before bed.

5. Meditate


I know some people hear the word meditation and they immediately write it off as being complete and utter crap but really that’s because most people only think of one thing when they think of meditation. In actuality meditation is just a bit of time in your day that you just sit down close your eyes and turn off you mind and the way you do that can be totally varied. It can be as simple as you taking a few deep breaths or if you are religious it can be you taking time to focus and pray or it can even be you taking time to relax and focus on something specific that you want to do or change. Honestly it can be whatever you want it to be as long as you are taking time and focusing on you.

And if you want some guidance in your meditation I highly recommend the podcast Meditation Oasis. I have been using it for years and I love it, they have an excellent variety of meditation topics to pick from and the recordings are high quality and really help you to relax and focus. I always feel better after doing one.

6. Build a sleep playlist

In case you didn’t realize it I love making playlists and this is one I have been building for like 8 years. I specifically built this around songs from movies that I love so there’s a ton of songs from Amelie and Woody Allen movies, there’s also songs that remind me of certain scenes in movies or that bring up certain emotions. The reason I made my playlist like this is because I want to create a certain vibe as I go to sleep and I want to make sure I creating something positive around me as I go to bed so I can wake up in a positive mood. It helps quite a bit.

And those are my go to ways to make sure I am getting the absolute most out of my sleep. I can honestly say even though I don’t always have the ability to get these things in when I do I wake up so much more relaxed and happy. It does wonders for your outlook and your day when you end it in a peaceful positive way and when you wake up happy an energized it sets a good tone for whats to come.

I hope some of these tips helped you out and here’s wishing you a happy, peaceful, and pleasant nights sleep.




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