Begin Again


So last week was a complete disaster. The first three days I had stuff to do during the day and when I got home I was either tired or feeling ill and I ended up not posting. Then I made myself catch up those days on Wednesday only to fall behind yet again the very next day. Now here we are on Saturday and I’m still two posts behind with no video for today. 

Normally at this point I would just throw in the towel and call blogtober a bust, but I don’t want to do that. Instead I decided to call the week a bust and rather than forcing myself to catch up with the two posts I’m going to miss them for the week and catch those two up in November. I figure it would better serve me to sit and plan out next weeks posts than to catch up because I’d rather focus my energy on starting next week right. So onwards and upwards my friends!

Also it’s been kind of a shady week for food around these parts. On Monday we went to Shake Shack and it was ridiculously crowded, my chicken in my chicken and dumplings fell apart completely on Tuesday, Wednesday I couldn’t make my jambalaya because when I opened my chicken it smelled spoiled, and Thursday my moms dinner arrived totally burnt. Oh and today we ordered cupcakes and had the worst delivery person who gave them to us like this…

Yeah it’s been a pretty sketchy week but the silver lining is my mom got her money back for the burnt dinner and we got money off our delivery the next night which was delicious and we got every penny back for those cupcakes. Plus we were able to salvage them so we still got to eat them only for free since our delivery guy was a jackass. So no harm no foul right? 

Here’s to a much better week next week.


Side note: The big plus of this week was realizing I could use gifs as my featured image, prepare yourself for all of the gifs people!


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