I Aapligise

(I wrote this on the 12th, but I’m making the date on it the 10th for the sake of continuity and also so later I can say I posted every single day, and if you question me I can take the Trump defense and claim this post never existed.) 


So I may or may not have (definitely did) missed a few days on here. I’d like to provide some awesome reason as to why I haven’t blogged in a few days, but honestly I just was busy on Monday and then too tired to blog, then Tuesday I just felt awful all day, and today I kind of decided to spend the day making a vision board instead of writing. That and I was watching SNL, Daily Show, and Samantha Bee clips all night plus catching up on Investigation discovery shows…Oh and googling this handsom devil


See so it’s really Rami’s fault I haven’t been writing, shame on him and his cute cute face. Anyway I am writing this post to say I’m back, I’ll be catching things up and then getting back into a post a day.

Again sorry about the lack of posts but I’m back now peeps.



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