The Girl On The Train Review


Yesterday I went to go check out The Girl on the Train’s film adaptation and I should start by saying I have been excited for this film since it was announced. The book was one of my favorites last year and I actually read it twice because I loved it so much, so needless to say I was hoping the movie did the book justice. I’ll start out this review by saying it kind of did, like the film definitely wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. I’m not sure exactly why, but it was enjoyable enough while I was watching it and then when I left I totally forgot about it. Seriously I walked out more excited about the trailers that came before it than the movie itself.


I feel like a huge part of that was the fact that the characters were so two dimensional. In the book you see all of them morph and change into different things particularly Tom (played by Justin Theroux) in the book we begin seeing Tom as this nice guy with a kind of crazy drunk ex-wife and as the book goes along you begin to question if he really is as he seems. Part of this is because we see him mostly through Rachel’s eyes and as she gets better and remembers things she starts seeing Tome more clearly. In the film we don’t get to see Tom a lot and because of that when it gets to the end you don’t really feel anything because you never got to know him. Maybe the writers thought we would carry our knowledge of him over from the book, but that was a mistake because they really needed to introduce flesh and blood Tom to the audience.

The same thing goes with all of the other characters, we are held at an arms distance from them the entire time. The film brushes over the darker side of Megan, Scott, and Anna  and instead turns them into bland suburbanites. Rachel is so infatuated with Megan and Scott but you never really understand why. Sure they are good looking, he’s crazy hot and she looks like a poor man’s Jennifer Lawrence, but outside of that there is absolutely nothing in this movie that makes me care about them. In the book Scott is this possessive somewhat crazy husband and Megan is reckless and wild, but in the movie those things only get hinted at. With Anna we know we are supposed to hate her and in the book we know why because she is a cruel bitch to Rachel but in the film all we get to see is a scared housewife.

Even Rachel who gets tons of screen time gets shafted because although we keep hearing what a mess she is we rarely get to actually see it. Like she stumbles a bit and people look at her and say things, but really the only difference between hot mess drunk Rachel and the more put together sober Rachel is the Rudolph nose and puffy cheeks. It’s like the people who made this film were so afraid of making these characters offensive that they forgot to actually make them interesting. And that right there sums up this entire film, it’s too inoffensive to be bad.

So if you were planning on checking TGOTT out I still think it’s worth a watch just to see what they do with the source material and to get a visual adaptation of the book. Like I said earlier it’s not a bad movie or something you might fall asleep on, but rather something worth watching while it’s in front of you that you’ll forget the second you walk away

Sidenote: I’m sorry but I have to share these because both of these films look absolutely amazing!

Like OMG how insane is this trailer?

Just so much yes!

And if you saw TGOTT this weekend leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.



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