Blogtober Check-In #1


So I decided that every Saturday I would do a Blogtober check-in via video. I kind of made this decision last minute so I won’t lie my video isn’t the best, but I really wanted to get this first one done. I will be working on making the videos better quality and more fun and hopefully I’ll get much more comfortable in front of the camera. When I started Blogtober video content was one of my big goals because I have always wanted to include videos on my blog, but I was hesitant to do it and since I’m using this month to start creating the blog I want I kind of decided to make myself do a video. So here it is in all of it’s awkward glory:

So yeah, I’m looking forward to next week and taking more pictures and creating even better content. Thanks again to everyone who has stopped by, left comments, and liked posts it really means a lot. Also like I always say let me know if you are doing Blogtober so we can support each other. Here’s to another week of blogging!



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