Five On Friday: Bad Romance


In honor of The Girl on the Train coming out today I wanted to do a five on Friday all about marriage gone wrong. To me any marriage is a horror story, but for today’s purposes I wanted to focus on movies featuring spouses from hell.

1. Side Effects

Let me just start off by saying I LOVE this movie and I hate more people haven’t seen it because I think it’s such a gem. Rooney and Channing are married and Chan ends up in prison for insider trading leaving Rooney to pick up the pieces of their shattered life. The film picks up when Chan is getting out of jail and he is home trying to rebuild their life. Rooney’s character has some psychological issues and her doctor (Jude Law) prescribes her a new medicine. The meds seem to work, but they cause her to sleep walk and then one day she ends up committing a crime. Then the movie goes into the couples life, mental health and how we treat it with a particular focus on medications and what they are doing to us. It ends up being this awesome thriller and it is just such a good movie.

2. Rosemary’s Baby

A classic! I love Rosemary’s Baby and I watch it all of the time. And personally I think out of all the spouses on this list Guy Woodhouse might very well be the worst. Like if you go back and you think about what he does this entire movie and his motivation and then realize he basically has no remorse it’s creepy. When I look at everyone else on the list they are evil assholes, but in some ways I can see how they got there, but Guy is just… I don’t know something about him makes my skin crawl which is why I think this movie is fantastic because it is the ultimate case of not knowing who you married.

3. Gone Girl

Sure Amy might be a psychopath and yeah she might be the most calculating person on this list, but don’t you just love her? Like I read the book and watched the movie and the whole time I was like amazed at how evil she was but I also respected it because whether you want to admit it or not there is something kind of badass about how she handles people who cross her. I might not agree with her methods, but I tip my hat to her proclivity to not be f**ked with.

4. Fracture

No one probably remembers this because it was a Ryan Gosling movie before he was a major deal (also Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike is in this one too) but it’s about a woman on life support and her husband goes against Ryan in court to prove he did not try to kill her. The trial ends up being a hot mess and Ryan gets way more involved in it then he should.

5. To Die For

I have loved this movie for absolute ages! Nicole Kidman plays Suzanne Stone a super ambitious weather girl who is so focused on making it big she will destroy anything that gets in her way. Unfortunately the biggest thing in her way is her husband who wants her to settle down and have kids, so she decides to get rid of him by enlisting the help of some high school rejects played by baby Joaquin Pheonix and Casey Affleck. The entire movie is basically about the aftermath and the investigation and trial and I love it because its like watching a fancy lifetime movie.

So that’s it, those are my five movies featuring nightmare spouses. Any I missed? As always let me know in the comments below.



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