Taquito Tuesday


I made these Friday and they were amazing so I figured why not do a little Taquito Tuesday post and share the recipe.  These are super simple, cheap, and also a great way to use up any leftover chicken you might have lying around. So let’s get started shall we.

What you will need:

For Salsa Verde

-Tomatilios (2 large ones or 3 small)

-Jalepenos (4)

-Onion (about a quarter of it)

-Garlic Powder


-Cilantro (totally optional, this was the first time I tried it and I really liked it but you don’t need it)

For the Taquitos

-Corn Tortillas

-Shredded Chicken (if you want to make this without meat potatoes work well)

-Canola Oil

-Queso Fresco

-Sour Cream

-Cilantro (again optional)

  1. Start out prepping your salsa by boiling tomatillos and jalepenos until softened. You can also roast them if you like, but I prefer the flavor of them boiled.
  2. Once soft remove the stems from the jalepenos and toss them along with the tomatillos in a blender (don’t be alarmed because the tomatillos will be very soft and falling apart, this is what you want) and add in your onion and a pinch of garlic powder. Blend until smooth and if needed add some water to thin it out.
  3. Then take your salsa and add in salt to taste and then pop it in the refrigerator.
  4. To prep the taquitos we are going to first place however many tortillas you need in some paper towel and wrap them well, then microwave them for about a minute. What you want is for them to steam and get soft and pliable. If they aren’t keep putting them in at 15 second intervals until they are.
  5. Next we are going to assemble them, be careful because the tortillas will be extremely hot. Take a tortilla and place some shredded chicken in the middle being careful not to overfill and then roll the tortilla up and place it on a plate seam side down.
  6. Once your taquitos are ready heat up some oil (you only need about an inch of so, we aren’t deep-frying them) and place them in cooking until golden brown and turning halfway through. It should only take 2-3 minutes on each side depending on how hot your oil is. Place them on a paper towel to drain.
  7. To assemble these take however many taquitos you want place them on a plate, then spread sour cream over the top of them, followed by crumbling queso fresco, and finally some cilantro. at this point you can also pour some salsa over the top, but I find that if you do this and you are eating a few of these they begin to get soggy from sitting in all of the salsa. Instead I like to put my salsa on the side and pour it over each taquito as I eat it.

So I hope you make this and love it. I love making these after Thanksgiving because we have tons of leftover turkey, but I also prep chicken specifically to make these. And as I said above if you want a meatless option potatoes work really well (it would be a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes) and if you find yourself getting lazy like I do at times you can just make these into tostadas and skip the whole rolling part. It’s super adaptable.



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