Monday Minute: Internet Oversharing


Since I have decided to do Blogtober I realized it might make the task a little easier if on certain days I had a specific topic and I decided on Mondays I would do Monday Minute.  It is essentially where I take a topic and spend a little time discussing it, similar to how John Oliver does those segments like Why is This Still a Thing, and this week I decided to tackle internet oversharing.

So a couple of days ago I was on YouTube and there was a video trending of this popular YouTuber and I pretty much guessed what the video was going to be about but out of curiosity I clicked on it anyway.  I ended up being right and the video was about her getting  a divorce from her husband of a little over a year, but that isn’t what stuck with me because as I was watching it I sat there wondering who the hell does this? I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would in the midst of their marriage ending sit and record a twelve minute video of them crying to camera, then edit it, and post it online. Then I started to think of other videos people post online and remembered one about a couple having a miscarriage with a picture of them crying in the hospital as the thumbnail (I didn’t even watch that one the thumbnail was too much as is) and I started to wonder why is this a thing.

I can completely understand after the fact maybe sitting down and having an honest and frank conversation with your subscribers about serious topics and I actually think those videos are quite helpful for people going through something similar. It’s not the sharing per se that bothers me its the way people are choosing to share. You can tell me you’re getting a divorce in a tweet or a quick written statement, but I really don’t need to see you crying. It’s like if your boss came into work one day, called a meeting, then sat for 20 minutes crying and telling you about their divorce, it would be super weird. And it would make you wonder what they are getting out of doing this?

On the internet we know people stand to get a lot of money and attention for these videos as they tend to be quite popular because people love gossip and they especially love sad gossip. But then that brings up another question for me because if your first thought after something happens is to post it on the internet I have to wonder just how tragic this event really was. We have all had really sad things happen and for most of us all of our energy gets used up just trying to make it from day to day and we wouldn’t even think of turning on a camera, but for some people the camera is their first stop. And the part of me that wants to believe in the good in people likes to think this is just their way of coping, but the other side of me thinks they are just finding a way to market their tragedy and I honestly don’t know which is the truth. Maybe it is a bit of both, all I know is I wish this trend of crying on camera would go away. It almost always looks forced which causes the people watching to question if the whole thing is staged and I can guarantee down the line you’ll end up regretting it.

But hey maybe I’m just too uncool to get what the kids are doing these days. Let me know in the comments what you think about videos like these. Do they make you uncomfortable or do you think they are totally fine?



One thought on “Monday Minute: Internet Oversharing

  1. Hi there,
    I haven’t been on WP for a while simply becaus I had gotten too lazy to purchase a keyboard to go with my Kindle so I can properly type up my blogs or respond to anyone. I have recently gotten more serious about blogging since I had finally purchased this keyboard. It is much easier to type on this rather than typing all of my thought one letter at a time. Yes, I already knew about Swype features on the Android operating system, but I just didn’t agree with any user agreement in order to operate the function. So, I just kept typing one letter at a time until now.

    Anyway, to get back to your question about whether it is unusual to exploit our own emotions for page views on YouTube, I see it like this: Thanks, but no thanks, Taylor Swift! I’m saying this respectfully to any Swifteeze out there. Yes, she did get millions, if not billions, for showcasing her drama onto her creative outlets like music, videos and film. Now we are seeing ordinay people like you and me who are attempting to use their emotional exploits to gain readership or viewers. I don’t necessarily think that it is a bad thing to use in media, I just think there is a tendency for some people to overshare. I think that that can be used against someone if that person isn’t careful. Just think of it this way, what you put out on the internet can never be taken back.

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