My Go-To Smoothie


I love smoothies for breakfast and like many people I have my go to smoothie recipe. It is super simple and tastes exactly like a citrus squeeze from Jamba Juice (which is what I order 98% of the time) plus if you want to add some extra nutrients you can toss in some spinach or kale and make a delicious green smoothie. So let’s stop the rambling and get into my go to smoothie recipe.

What You Will Need:

Banana (frozen or fresh)

Pineapple (optional and can be frozen, canned, or fresh)

Frozen Strawberries

Frozen Peaches

Frozen Mango

Orange Juice


Agave (optional)

I normally would tell you what to do next but I’m pretty sure you already know how to make a smoothie, toss everything in the blender and blend until smooth.

I like to use a whole banana, pretty much equal parts of each of the fruits, and when it comes to the orange juice it really is just your preference in terms of how thick you want your smoothie. My mother really enjoys this blended thick where she can eat it like a sorbet and I like mine a little more loose and drinkable. As for the ice I really just use that to make it extra cold and break up some of the fruit because sometimes when you blend a bunch of fruit it can give your smoothie a weird texture.  And finally for the agave you can substitute it for honey, but be careful because I have found honey can take over the taste of the smoothie even if you are only using a small amount… or you can just skip the agave altogether.

So I hope you enjoy this and let me know what your go to smoothie recipes are, I would love to find some new combos.






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