It is officially October which means cute fall clothes, Halloween, people buying awful pumpkin crap, and best of all Blogtober!  What’s that you say? What the heck is Blogtober?  Well it is only the most fantastic time of the year where lazy bloggers (like yours truly) who can barely pump out a blog a week challenge themselves to blog every single day for one month. And I know what you’re thinking, Erica if you can barely put out a blog a week how exactly do you plan to put out one everyday? And my answer to that is I have no idea, I’m just going off of enthusiasm here and praying that is enough to get me through.

In my defense I have done this before as a much longer blog everyday for a year challenge and I kept it up for quite some time before life happened and I had to stop. I decided to try it again this month because I went through redid and removed a lot of stuff on my blog recently and I really want to get back to using this space and creating more content. So this month you can expect me not only to be posting everyday, but also for me to be producing quality content daily. When I attempted to blog everyday for a year I found I relied a lot on content that was quick and not the greatest quality so for this month I am really going to try to plan my posts ahead of time so they are more well thought out and not just filler.

I will also be challenging myself to do several other things I have always wanted to incorporate into this blog and this month you can expect:

  •  Video content- I have been trying to add video content to my blog for ages and I finally think this is the month to do it.
  • More photos- To look at this thing no one would know I actually love photography and take tons of pictures usually and even though I haven’t in a little bit I really want to get back into it and take more pics for the blog.
  • Recipes- Nothing like crazy or strenuous, but little recipes here and there that you can throw together when you want something quick and homemade.
  • Five on Friday- I came up with this a while ago where I pick a theme and recommend five movies that go along with it and I really enjoy making these lists so I’m going to get back into them.
  • Monday Minute- I want to have a day dedicated to more personal short little posts and I figure why not Monday.

And that is it! I’m really hoping I can do this and spend the month creating content I love and that you enjoy reading. Also if any of you are doing Blogtober let me know in the comments so we can support each other and get through this month together.