A Playlist to Wake You Up


As we are nearing the end of the lazy days of summer most of us are facing the herculean task of finding motivation to get out of bed in the morning. One of my favorite ways to conquer the morning slump is music, seriously a little music can make the difference between me laying in bed for 20 more minutes and actually waking up with a little pep in my step. So I made a little playlist to help you get your bum out of bed…Oh I should warn this one is a little hip hop heavy and it might be a little extreme for some, but I promise I’ll be making a more mellow one this just happens to be what I’m really into right now. Any who here is the playlist and I’ll go into it a little more below.

It starts out pretty strong with Wolves because I love this song and I think it’s such a great dramatic way to start the day, plus I love waking up to Kanye I think I spent a year of college waking up to Good Morning. The next few songs are a little more slow with a dance vibe and there is a lot of Mac Miller here cause from I’ve heard so far his new CD is going to be amazing. Then it switches to pretty much straight dance with Jidenna (obsessed with him right now) and his addictive Little Bit More. There is also some Sia and Ariana thrown in there because their current singles are amazing. Jidenna transitions us yet again with Chief Don’t Run, this time he brings us into a little harder hip hop which gets hammered home with Die Antwoord’s Fat Faded Fuck Face (don’t write it off it’s a really good song). Then Jidenna transitions us one more time with Classic Man followed by Mac Miller and finally Kanye with Fade.

And that’s  all! I love this playlist, I think it’s a really nice mix of songs and artists and I hope you like it too. Here’s to getting our asses out of bed and into the world.

Later Gators!


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