Returning Fall TV Favorites


So I did a post all about the three new shows hitting TV this fall I’m most excited for and I figured I might as well also shine a spotlight on three of my favorite shows returning to TV.

  1. The Fall – September

I found this show around the time the Fifty Shades of Grey was released because people kept talking about how bad Jamie Dornan was in the movie and how good he was in this show. Eventually I came across it on Netflix decided to check it out and ended up completely loving it. The show is so well done and creepy, Gillian Anderson is amazing in it, and Jamie is the most intriguing scary sexy psychopath. Like it actually amazes me he couldn’t convincingly pull off Christian because  he does such a great job in The Fall. I’m  glad its coming back soon, but I wish I knew when the US was getting the new season because I can’t find that anywhere.

2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – October 21

I mentioned in the last post I’m not one to really check out new shows because I find some of the best ones end up getting cancelled, but last year when I heard about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I couldn’t not watch it. CEG is such an inventive funny show and it has some of the best musical numbers ever, like if you don’t hum this…

while you’re getting ready you are really missing out. And if you’re a fan of this show you also know singing some of these songs out loud will get you ALL of the weird looks, I still have to stop myself from singing “I gave you a UTI…” in public.

3. Elementary – October 2


I don’t even need to explain this one because I will love this show until it ceases to exist and even then I will love it via reruns. I’ve been watching Elementary since day one and I have NEVER missed an episode, as a matter of fact since the show started I have consistently watched every episode twice. And that is from a person that can’t keep up with television shows to save her life.

So there are the three returning shows I am anticipating this fall. What are your old standbys you can’t wait to get back?


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