Coming to TV this Fall


So I tend to avoid checking out new television shows because you never know if they are going to stick around or not and it is so annoying to fall in love with a show only to have some a-hole network exec cancel it. With that said as every fall season comes around and the new shows are announced I can’t help but find myself getting excited for a few of them and this year is no different. So here are the three shows I cannot wait to get hooked on.

  1. Crisis in Six Scenes – September 30

I absolutely can’t wait for this show! It may very well be the one thing that pushes my love of my Amazon Prime membership over the top because this show looks amazing and funny and sort of ridiculous in that way only Woody Allen can deliver.

2. Westworld – October 2

If you had told me before I saw this trailer that I would be in any way excited for this show I might have laughed at you. I’ve heard people mumbling about Westworld for a little while and I never got that excited about checking it out, then I happened to see the trailer on Youtube and was immediately interested. Plus I love Evan Rachel Wood and Anthony Hopkins so this show must be pretty good.

3. Insecure

I am a massive fan of Issa’s Awkward Black Girl series and ever since I heard she was developing a show for HBO I’ve been waiting in anticipation. The show has taken what seems like forever to materialize, but finally its here and I for one am super excited. Also the second Issa says “They’re having secret white meetings and sending secret white emails.” I knew this was going to be my new fav show.

And those are the three shows I am anxiously waiting for. Stay tuned for a second post dedicated to all of the shows I love that will be returning this fall. Also let me know what shows you’re looking forward to in the comments below.

Later Gators!


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