So I am one of those people that really looks forward to fall mainly because it’s one of the best times of the year for clothes. As someone who loves sweaters, jeans, and cute jackets fall is the time of year where I really get to play. So here are a few things I’m looking forward to purchasing for the upcoming fall season.
1. Long chunky sweaters
I desperately want to get my hands on some cute chunky sweaters that come past my waist. I love sweaters and where I live I have a very limited window of time where a cute sweater can take the place of a trusty coat.
2. Flannel
I am so glad 90’s style flannel button downs have made a comeback cause it puts me one step closer to this amazing lady…
3. Dresses
And speaking of Angela I also cannot wait to get my hands on some cute dresses just like these…
4. Camo Jacket
I already have an army green jacket that I love and wear to death, but I have recently been seeing these camo ones all over and I kinda want to get my hands on one.
5. All the things I already purchased
I said I love fall and I mean it, I start picking up stuff early in preparation for fall so i already have tons of cute jeans and shoes waiting for me. The one (technically three) thing I am most looking forward to though is my Converse, I have two leather pair one in a gray mid top and one in a clack low top and a burgundy pair and I cannot wait to whip them out for fall.
So what are you looking forward to buying and wearing this fall?

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