An Introduction to Michael Fassbender

Hey hey,

So the Steve Jobs movie came out this weekend and I hear its pretty awesome. I am excited to see it for a couple of reasons the main one being that it is starring Michael Fassbender.

And I figured in honor of Michael it might be nice to post a few movies I love starring him to introduce Mr. Fassbender to those of you who don’t know his work because on top of being a handsome devil, Michael is also an insanely talented actor. I have chosen three films that I think are a pretty great representation of his work (and no none of them are X-Men, those speak for themselves), so lets get started shall we.

Jane Eyre

I will start off admitting this is not the first of Michael’s films I saw, but it is the first of his films that made me actually pay attention to him. It’s a really great film directed by Cary Fukunaga (you may know him as the guy that directed the non-shitty season of True Detective) and it also stars Mia Wasikowska (Crimson Peak). I chose to include this on the list because I feel like this is the film that really shows off some of Michael’s best attributes. He is very good at playing complex characters and manages to show hints of darkness while also bringing light to the character. Michael is also exceptionally charming and charismatic and as you watch this you understand why Jane has an interest in him. If I had to pick one film on this list you should with out a doubt watch it would be this one.


There had to be a Steve McQueen film on here and this one is my favorite. It could have easily been a disaster and with a lesser actor this character could have been very flat, but Michael manages to play him with such dimension. You can see how he took the time to make this character a real person, someone trying to escape their past who loves their sibling but also hates having them around. You can feel how much he is struggling to have a normal life and it hurts when you see him fail and there is sadness when his compulsion takes over. He is such a pitiful character and even though you don’t want to feel bad for him you do. Michael should have gotten the Oscar (or at least a nomination) for this.

Fish Tank

I’m going to argue that the power of Michael’s performance in Fish Tank has less to do with his acting ability and more to do with his innate charm. When you watch this you cannot help but think he is a really good guy, but the reality is he’s a pedophile. The film does not gloss this over or try to make it something more, his character is just a man who pursues the 15 year-old daughter of his girlfriend. You should be creeped out by him but you won’t be and because of that the film keeps throwing more things at you to try to hammer home what a total piece of shit this guy is but you still won’t hate him. I have seen this film a million times and I am still trying to come around to the fact that Michael’s character is actually a horrible person. The second he walks in that kitchen half naked and does that coy little smile you totally forget just how bad this guy is.

Honorable Mention: Eden Lake

It’s just a damn good horror film. I wasn’t expecting it to be good, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and it perfectly played into my distrust of teenagers.

And that is all people, go watch a Michael Fassbender film and tell me what you think. If you know his work what’s your favorite? Let me know down below.

Later Gators!


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