Friday Five: Second Chances

For our inaugural Friday Five, I have chosen the theme Second Chances because as a film lover and someone who watches a lot of movies I can honestly say I rarely come across a movie I absolutely hate. Yes, some movies are better than others, but I like to believe that movies much like people all have value if you have the ability to accept them for what they are rather than what you think they should be. Every movie is not going to be an Oscar winner or comedy gold and that’s ok because they still have the ability to connect and be fun and heartwarming.

So without further adieu here are five movies I loved that the critics did not…



Why watch: Melissa McCarthy is amazing in everything and her characters are always over the top and yet oddly likable and Tammy is no different. She’s loud and brash and sometimes she makes decisions that leave you scratching your head but she is also just a good person who’s had some bad luck and is trying to pull her life back together. She goes on a road trip, meets a guy (played by Mark Duplass who is adorable), gets in some trouble, and connects with her family. Tammy is one of those movies that is just a fun ride you can sit back and enjoy without really thinking about it.

2. Bewitched

bewitched-the-movie-bewitched-the-movie-11991598-2000-1307Why watch: Bewitched knows people hate remakes so they rather cleverly chose to make Bewitched a story about making a remake that also loosely happens to have a storyline similar to the source material. Both the movie and the TV show are about a reluctant witch with a meddlesome parent who falls in love with a mortal, but the movie still manages to maintain its individuality and create a cute storyline about someone trying to build a life and find true love. It never fails to make me happy and if you needed another reason to watch I’ll give you three 1) Steve Carrell as Uncle Arthur is just amazing 2) Two words: Michael Caine 3) It’s on Netflix.

3. Phat Girlz

phat-girlz-2006-03-gWhy watch: Phat Girlz is just damn enjoyable! It’s funny and it’s about loving yourself and not letting your body and whatever you perceive is wrong with it stand in your way and also not letting narrow-minded people define who you are. Plus its a vacation movie (those are always fun) and there are hot dudes in it. How anyone cannot enjoy this movie is beyond me.

4. Something Borrowed

something-borrowedWhy watch: I feel a lot of people like this movie but critics hated it and I think that’s because the premise is one you either get on a personal level or you don’t and that personal connection is what makes the movie enjoyable. I identify with Rachel and I have definitely had a Dex and whereas many of us may never see our Dex’s again Rachel gets a chance with hers and in seeing her story play out it gives us all a bit of wish fulfillment. It’s fun to watch Rachel step out from behind Darcy’s shadow and push to get what she wants.

5. All About Steve

all-about-steveWhy watch: When Sandra Bullock won the Razzie for All About Steve she told the audience they should watch it again because it really wasn’t that bad and I totally agree with her. At the base of it, the movie is about a unique woman who meets a guy she likes and tries to start a relationship with him and along the way she finds that even though her unique personality is pushing her dream man away it is also charming everyone she meets. All About Steve is about loving yourself and finding people who like who you are rather than people who expect you to change and a movie with that message can’t possibly be bad.

Honorable Mentions: These next two made the honorable mentions because they didn’t get universally bad reviews, but in my opinion, they didn’t get the credit they deserved.

The House Bunny

housebunny_3lgWhy watch: The House Bunny is a pretty simple sell because it’s cute and girly and funny and altogether that makes for a really fun viewing experience.


29penelope-600Why watch: Penelope is a modern fairy tale for adults and it’s just good. It’s well acted and has a really great story and message, plus James McAvoy is ridiculously cute in it.

And that is all folks, those are a few of the movies the critics hated but I loved. Thanks for stopping by and let me know in the comments what movies you think are awesome that didn’t exactly get glowing reviews.

Later gators!


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