Netflix Diaries: Wetlands

Hey hey,

Here is yet another Netflix gem that you might be missing out on. Though this one I kind of get people passing on because it does seem like something a little cringe inducing and I will be the first to admit it kind of is. I mean just look at the trailer…

See what I mean and although I may not be winning many of you over with that header image and trailer I’m still going to ask you to give this one a chance. I remember reading an article about this film that described it as some super extreme Human Centipede level movie that you would never be able to make it through. And the book that preceded it was pretty much described in the same way. So I went into it expecting it to be an exercise in gross out torture… that was a mistake.

There are moments in this that are ‘gross’ I guess, but that is not the point of the movie. It is very much about a young woman Helen that comes from a family that was torn apart by divorce and all she wants is to repair it and get the attention from her parents that she feels is lacking. And many of her actions in the film are based in her need to be paid attention to and to have people who care about her. Sure Helen is different and she does not always make great decisions you could back, but she’s likeable and you root for her. She is not a typical girl in some ways, but why should she have to be.

I think a lot of people wrote this off because of the more extreme moments in it, but once you get past that its a really great story that almost verges on sweet. And that is all folks! I hope you check this out and enjoy it as much as I did. And if you’ve seen it or have some more interesting Netflix finds drop a comment below.

Later Friends


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