Netflix Diaries: Copenhagen

Hey hey!

I think it is pretty safe to say that most people these days have Netflix and I also think it’s probably just as safe to say that pretty much everyone loves Netflix. I mean it offers endless hours of entertainment for a price that doesn’t send you into debt for the next million years. It’s pretty perfect right? Well not exactly…

We can all admit that although having all of those entertainment options is pretty damn awesome we tend to spend more time trying to find something to watch then actually watching anything. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming you kind of just end up watching the same thing over and over again (I know I do). So in an attempt to get you out of that slump I have decided to share some movies I have seriously been loving that are probably sitting in your queue right now. First up we have….


Copenhagen had been sitting in my queue for a while and it was one of those movies that looked interesting but not interesting enough for me to actually sit down and watch, but now that I have I am ridiculously glad I did because it instantly became one of my favorite movies of the year.

It’s kind of a love/coming of age story between Effy a 14 almost 15 year-old girl (which is important to the story because the age of consent in Denmark is 15) and William a 28 year-old man, but don’t let that skeeve you out. I use the term ‘love story’ but I hesitate to call it that because it doesn’t really capture what the relationship is, the best thing I can compare it to is Lost in Translation.


Anyway William is in Copenhagen with his best friend and his friends fiance who hates him and they are there so William can deliver a letter to his grandfather that his father, who abandoned him at 14, wrote years before. He meets Effy at a coffee shop and after an interesting encounter she decides she wants to help him and they build a relationship over the course of different adventures.

Watching the relationship develop is what makes this movie amazing because William is almost annoying in his immaturity and Effy is the exact opposite and you spend the entire movie wondering how far this relationship will go. It pulls you back and forth forcing you to shuffle between rooting for them and thinking this is wrong, but it also makes you question why this is wrong because Effy is truly a mature young woman. She isn’t pretending to be an adult or suffering from some trauma that made her grow up too fast, she’s just someone who doesn’t connect with kids and I love that they made her that way because it makes you question why you feel the need to protect someone perfectly capable of making their own decisions. You want Effy to enjoy being young just as much as you want William to grow up a little, but you also realize that this is pretty much who they are and you like them that way.

And there isn’t much else to say. Copenhagen is just a beautiful film that’s well written and has some solid performances. I hope you will check it out and enjoy it as much as I do. And stay tuned for more of these.

Later Friends


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