Netflix Diaries: The One I Love

Hey hey,

I’m back with yet another Netflix gem and this one like the last has quickly become an all time favorite. What am I talking about?

The One I Love

When the poster for The One I Love popped up on my Netflix recs I thought oh that might be kind of good, added it to my queue, and promptly forgot about it. It wasn’t until a couple of months later I was looking for something to watch and thought I like Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass so I think I’ll try out this little indie romantic comedy. I figured it would be cute and funny and some nice light entertainment. And even though I can’t say a lot about this one, I can say it was definitely entertaining.


I should say though that the entire point of this film is to be surprised so try not to read or discuss this before seeing it and don’t look too closely at the movie poster.

The set up of the film is basically that Mark and Elizabeth are a married couple having some problems. Mark’s character cheated on his wife and in an effort to resolve some of their issues they attend couples counseling. After working with them for a while their therapist, played by Ted Danson, decides they need more intensive help and suggest they go up to this private house so they have some space to work on their issues.

And that is pretty much all I can tell you cause once they get to the house shit gets weird. I will say I came into this thinking I knew exactly what this movie was and I left with my mind twisting in knots. I loved it and the way it stuck with me long after it ended. It was both completely strange and amazingly awesome. And took the overused premise of a fading relationship and managed to explore it in a completely unique way without ever losing itself.

It’s a solid film, but you will either absolutely love the ending and totally get it (I’m in this camp) or you will be like what the hell was that? I promise either way you will be completely entertained.

And that is all folks! I hope you check out this awesome movie and enjoy it as much as I did. And if you’ve seen it or have an interesting Netflix find drop a comment below.

Later friends


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