Three Things: Last Days of Disco

Well the last couple of these have been about things I wasn’t a fan of so I decided this one should be about something I loved (to be fair). It was originally slated to be about Sherlock/Elementary but I think that warrants it’s own post, and then one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager began playing constantly on Showtime and a light went off. So this post is dedicated to a movie I LOVE  (and one I suspect many have never heard of)….


The Last Days of Disco!

So without further ado here are the three things I absolutely love about this film…. you know cause it’s amazing.

1. The Clothes

Seriously the movie opens with Alice (Chloe Sevigny) in this…


This picture does not so this dress justice because it is the most sparkly fantastic thing ever made and a major plus is it seems to be like knit or something so it must be super comfy. And trust me I know you don’t watch a movie for the clothes specifically, but the clothes are a great visual way to set the scene plus they can actually pull you in. I find myself wanting everything thing they wore from the casual sweats and pjs to the work outfits and especially the club clothes.

MV5BMTI2NjM5NzMxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjExMDg3._V1._SX475_SY325_ kate-beckinsale-chloe-sevigny-the-last-days-of-disco The-Last-Days-of-Disco the_last_days_of_disco last-days-of-disco31

What makes the wardrobe so great and classic is its accessibility. Even though this film is set in the early 80’s you could wear everything today and still look amazing, plus the clothes are not as pretentious as they are currently. You know how when you watch movies or television shows now and the clothes are amazing, but they are all made by some designer that charges way too much and they will only look good on some rail thin model or actress type. They seem uncomfortable and even worse unobtainable, but the clothes in LDOD can pretty much be worn by anyone at anytime.


2. The Soundtrack

I won’t even pretend that I am not a crazy obsessive fan of the 70’s to early 80’s culture because I love it all, especially the music. I won’t even try to explain it just watch…

There are tons more on YouTube and I highly suggest you check them out. Let’s face it you couldn’t do a movie about Disco without some amazing music and dance scenes and they totally deliver. No the actors can’t really dance, but that’s not the point it’s fun and quirky and it makes you want to hop into the club and dance with them. You feel like you are apart of it all and you get into the disco spirit, you get lost in it.

3. It’s Kind of Perfect…

If I didn’t already say it Last Days of Disco is really well done. It’s witty without trying too hard and there are some great moments that are so reminiscent of the weird conversations you find yourself in randomly.

Plus it captures that awkwardness of post college life in a way that is both funny and sincere. Kate Beckinsale is delightfully bitchy and as much as you want to despise her she is so delusional that you kind of don’t mind her slight evil streak. Chloe is cute and awkward as the clueless good girl trailing behind Kate and taking her moronic advice…


Yeah she maybe shouldn’t have listened to Kate on that one. And the boys they chase are equally interesting and clueless. Plus the cast, though not big names, is full of actors you’ll recognize like Wilson from House and a few folks from American Psycho.

It’s basically just a great little movie about being young and lost that pretty much anyone can relate to. I first saw this at like 16 and instantly got it and over ten years later I can still relate. Well that is mainly because I am kinda in the same place as the characters (fresh out of grad school and clueless as ever) and there is a truth to it that I think will resonate for years to come.

And if my three reasons were not good enough here are three more:


And that’s all folks ;0)



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