What Just Happened…

That was my exact reaction after seeing the next three things I am about to show you….enjoy!

After this trailer I literally said, “I don’t know what you are, but I love you!”

I have long expressed my belief that Rob and Kristen could do much better than Twilight and finally it looks like I’m going to be proven right. They are both attached to some pretty badass projects and it seems that very soon we will all be asking the question, what was that vampire movie they were in again?

Happy days people, happy days!

If you doubt Kimbra’s abilities this should kill that doubt. Two mics, an IPad, a tiny machine, and her voice is all she needed to make this…. yep call me when Britney, Katy, or Beyonce can do that.

After reading this, spending ages scrolling through this, and seeing the majorly f**ked up reaction to this…

Sidenote: One tweeter was so pissed off by this picture she actually begged Charlize Theron to (not making this up) open her legs to Fassy to “save” him. Yes because the only way one of the hottest new actors right now would be interested in a black girl was if we were using our special black voodoo magic on him, which can only be broken by a willing white girl.  And the really sad part is I bet Robert DiNiro has had less hassle than Mike over his preference for black women and his career actually spans a time when America was apparently (racism wise) worse…guess we were wrong about that.

But I digress, this song is long overdue in my opinion because black girls don’t get nearly enough love.  Sure the song may not be perfect and I am positive many will criticize it, but considering the fact that this kid…

Guy in front.

is saying I like black girls and you’re a complete idiot for asking me why…well that’s pretty damn groundbreaking. Ten times more groundbreaking than Lena Dunham’s show Girls.

Another Sidenote: I’m not hating on Girls, I actually liked it and felt like I had a lot in common with the main character of the show. My big problem is Lena and crew created characters based on her friends and she never even considered the fact that a girl of color could have those same problems. The characters could have still been based on her friends and been more diverse looking, I can’t even tell like two of them apart. Lena is not the first (nor will she be the last) to place women of color as the other, but she is one of the few that I felt genuinely let down by. As a young woman with a rare opportunity and the ability to have control over what she put out into the world Lena chose to stay in her comfort zone because she, like many I have come in contact with, lacks the ability to see anyone different from themselves as anything but the other. In the end we may not all be the same, but we are also not as drastically different as many would choose to believe.

Also making the only two people of color in your pilot be complete stereotypes (Asian computer nerd and Black homeless man) is just fucked up Lena and no amount of tweets about how much you love Sherri, Whoopi, and Gayle will make that less fucked up. Take a note from Woody Allen he may not use people of color often, but when he does he at least has the decency to not make them a stereotype.

And ten million detours later we have reached the end of this post, hope you thought these were awesome as well.



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