Three Reasons Breaking Dawn Didn’t Suck

Let’s get to it shall we…

1. Taylor Lautner

Not gonna lie Taylor has been my favorite part of these movies since New Moon mainly because he is a welcome break from the other two.  When I get tired of Kristen’s lip biting depression or Rob’s whiny concern Taylor is there to brighten the mood and (dare I say it) crack a damn smile. He is also the only one that can get Kristen’s Bella to be not so annoying and at times even happy…. come to think of it he has that effect in real life as well.


Even when she isn’t smiling she still looks happy! Why she opted to date Rob still remains a mystery to me, I like the guy but she seems to have way more fun with Taylor.

Anywho back to the movie, Breaking Dawn is pretty much Jacob’s show and I have to say I was quite impressed with Taylor’s acting. He set the tone in many of the scenes and did it pretty well often having to rapidly filter through emotions. And as someone that suspected this kid couldn’t act I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, he made the movie work in my opinion.

2. Low Honeymoon Cheese Factor

We all know Twilight can get a little cheesy, so I assumed with a wedding and honeymoon included in this one the cheese factor would be off the charts. Surprisingly it wasn’t, as a matter of fact both the wedding and honeymoon were handled perfectly.  Even when it got dramatic they kept it classy and low cheese.

Some fav moments…

Cute scene with Alice helping Bella walk in her heels.

This isn’t really the moment, but I love the sequence of Bella trying to seduce Edward after he put the kibosh on sex.  That is I loved it until she started to beg… what the hell Bella!

No sex play chess… hah! Also high five to the person that picked the clothes in this movie cause there were some seriously cute outfits happening.

Someone just got knocked up….. drama, but not ridiculous.

3. This song…

Any movie with this song on the soundtrack has to be at least kinda awesome.

And that’s it, my three reasons Breaking Dawn was low on the suckometer.

Later ;0)


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