Jennifer Lawrence and Joss Stone…Twins?

Remember you heard it here first, Jennifer Lawrence and Joss Stone are twins seperated at birth. And to prove it…….

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Some are easy to spot, but for the most part I’m betting you can’t tell Jen from Joss. If you look close the lips and nose ring are dead giveaways, but other than that its pretty damn hard.

Yeah that was all I was just watching this…


then I thought about this…

spotted the resemblance and had to share.

Later ;0)


When they are in motion its really easy to spot the resemblance.



2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence and Joss Stone…Twins?

  1. I was just watching Joss sing and it hit me….she looks just like Jennifer Lawrence or vice versa……I googled it and there you were! Thanks for the photos…..not only is the resemblance uncanny but I also get the feeling they are similar personalities.

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