Current Obsessions: Indie Edition

Hey There!

It’s time for another current obsessions list and this edition focuses on my less mainstream loves of the moment. So let’s get started shall we….

1. Camp- Childish Gambino

If you watch community you already know who Donald Glover is and if you have ever seen his comedy act you already know he is one funny mofo, but did you know he raps? Well apparently a shiz load of people knew that long before me, so I am a little late to the party. I actually heard his album camp just a few days ago and I am already beyond obsessed with it.  Which is kind of a rare occurrence for me because I generally am the type of person that likes one or two songs (mostly the popular ones) from an artist and then I’m done.  Only about once every few years do I come across a full album that I not only love, but love so much I have to tell everyone I know about it.

Camp is one of those rare albums.  It is reminiscent of Kanye’s first album The College Dropout (which was and is to this day one of my faves) mixed with Lil Wayne and some Drake thrown in for good measure.  Or as I like to consider nerd rap at its finest.  Plus lets be honest Donald is pretty darn hot.

2. Made of Bricks- Kate Nash

Kate Nash is reminiscent of one of my favorite singers Lily Allen and also has a very similar style to Lily, which by that I mean they both favor lyrics with bite sung over peppy melodies.  A mixture which I happen to adore. And yet again I am late to the party, but I am never really around “music” people, so I have to find new stuff on my own.


3. Hotel Song- Regina Spektor

Last music entry, not exactly a new song but rather one that is currently being played over and over on my I-Phone.


4. Michael Fassbender

Images via Socialite Life

Ummm he rocks ginger hotness like no one else, he takes his clothes off OFTEN, he’s talented, and goodness gracious is he sexy. The man is just…………. DAMN! Losing track of thought , I’m done, go stare at Michael.

5. Awkward Black Girl

It’s a web series on YouTube starring Issa Rae and it is maybe the best find ever. At first you might be a little iffy on it, but I promise you that by the end of the first episode you will be completely invested in the characters and ready to click on episode 2. Plus this web series is the reason I found my new favorite album ever (Camp people! Have we forgotten obsession number 1 already?). So enjoy episode 1 on me….


And that is all people my Indie current obsessions.  Hope you liked them and hope there is something in there you can be obsessed with.

Later loves ;0)


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