Let’s Talk…X-Men: First Class

I could sit here and tell you how awesome this movie was and give you a million reasons why you should go see it, but I won’t because honestly if you don’t know how awesome this movie is by now I fear it is far too late for you. No instead I will choose to point out that not only is this movie awesome, but there is so much cool shit in it you might die from awesomeness.  So here in no particular are the five awesome things you need to look out for…

1. Fassbender and McAvoy

If like me you’ve e wanted to  make-out (among other things) with James  McAvoy  since Atonement you won’t be surprised that he brings that special blend of Scottish hotness to XFC. And if like many (not me) you knew who Michael Fassbender was you know he is particularly droolworthy as well, so it should come to no shock that he’s just as yummy in this movie. The thing you may not have been aware of however is how mixing these two together creates a perfect storm of hotness not seen since the Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber team up in Origins. And I promise you it is awesome!

2. Jennifer Lawrence

She is the new girl on the block, the indie princess that is being pulled into the mainstream and I for one would like to say… THANK GOD! We need this girl because she is gorgeous, cool, talented, and has had a cheeseburger in the past ten years. She’s not a fame whore while also managing not to be awkward and surly (K-Stew I’m looking at you!), plus as of yet she’s managed to stay out of the paps lens. I’m really excited about her because I think it’s about time we had more chicks like her and Emma Watson. We need women who can be personable and cool without being annoying.  Plus Jen is the girl in the movie that kinda gets all the boys…lucky!

3. Xavier and Raven (Mystique)

I admit I have never read the comics, so X-Men purely exists in movie form for me which means I have no back story on the characters past what I was told in previous films. So I have no idea if the relationship with X and Raven was part of the comic, but I love that it was in this film. Jen and James make a really great team and the whole brother/sister love connection thing they have going on made for a really great side story line.  She has a crush on him, but he’s not really into it and we get to see how the tension between them leads her to move over to Magneto’s side. It makes for a really great back story that makes me want to go back to all the old films and see if I can spot any hints (unlikely, but one can hope) and it also makes the villains less villainous.

4. The Clothes

I am super girly in that I love any movie where I unexpectedly get clothes eye candy and XFC did not disappoint me there. It’s set in the sixties (the best fashion era in my opinion) so there are all of theses amazing clothes dotted through the story line and the actors look amazing in them. It’s such a fun bonus.

5. Cameos

Um no need to explain because cameos in any movie are awesome!

And that is it, my list of awesomeness found in X-Men First Class. The only downside to this movie is it makes looking at the older ones slightly less fun because I’ll keep wanting to swap actors out for the XFC ones, for instance I loves Rebecca but I love Jennifer WAY more. Oh and Charles and Erik are so classic when Patrick S. and Ian M. play them, but they are also fantastic with James M. and Michael F. I feel like I can’t watch one team without missing the other.

And if you have yet to see it (cause you live under a rock) you can check out a bunch of pics and clips here.


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