Hey Four Eyes

Re-enforcing my theory that everyone looks better in glasses. 

Original Post Date: 8/3/10

Note: This is gonna be a major picture post!

So we have all heard that old saying:

Boys don’t make passes at girl’s that wear glasses.

As a person that has worn glasses since I was three I used to buy into that and think that my glasses made me look geeky or ugly.  And the older I got the more people pushed that very idea on me, throwing in the why don’t you get contacts comment every time they got the chance. Then one day I looked at myself and realized those bastards were fucking wrong! Not only to boys make passes at girls who wear glasses, the girls that wore glasses were way cuter than those that didn’t. And you know what I intend to convert you by showing you photo evidence that EVERYONE looks better in glasses.

Prepare to be amazed:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Convinced? I have shown you cute, sexy, nerdy, fun, dangerous, and classy and the one thing they all have in common is four eyes. It’s not the glasses that make the person, its the person that makes the glasses.

Adios from yours truly crooked glasses and all!


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