Are You Willing to Accept the Plan?

Guess what I finally saw….

And it was amazing! I had to see this movie because I kinda love Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, plus the story line was something I knew I would love. It’s basically a love story with a lot of action thrown in so pretty much anyone will love it.

The actors are exactly as great as you would expect, but there is one person that really stands out for me… Anthony Mackie. I had never really heard of him outside of that NY Times piece about actors and I honestly didn’t know how he figured in the movie because the trailers are pretty much Matt Damon running from some guys. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Anthony had a major role in this movie and also that he was so fantastic as Harry. There is such a kindness in his character which mixes with this internal struggle and makes Harry an extremely lovable character. I would even go as far to say that he stole the movie.

Not to discount Matt and Emily though because they made an amazing team. It was fun to watch them individually, but the real pleasure was watching them together. You could tell they got along extremely well and it came through in each of their performances.  Matt pretty much played himself, a guy from the neighborhood that made it big but never forgot where he came from. And Emily was a dancer with adventurous personality and some pretty impressive dance scenes (they were no Black Swan but still pretty damn impressive). They meet in a men’s bathroom, fall for each other, and spend the rest of the movie trying to prove they belong together. But Matt must fight every step of the way against the adjusters (I don’t know what else to call them) who want to make him follow the plan they set out for him.

What’s cool about the movie is you get caught up in the story, but when it’s over you’re left with questions. Not so much about the movie itself, but rather about life, destiny, and how choice figures. We may all have a plan but does that mean we need to stick to it? Can we change the plan? Are the roadblocks we find there to stop us or to test how much we really want something?

I’ll leave you to ponder that as you look at some pics from the movie.

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Later 8)




5 thoughts on “Are You Willing to Accept the Plan?

  1. Co-incidentally, I just read another blogger’s review of the same movie! She cried the whole way through and for 10 minutes afterwards, so I decided this was perhaps not a movie I should see right now!

    I’ll flag it for “watch later”, I think, because I love your review.

    1. Really? I can see it having that effect, but I went the other way. I spent most of my time cheering Matt on lol. You should definitely check it out though because it was great.

      1. It is good to get a different perspective on the same movie. I do not think it is out here yet anyway, so I’m probably forced to wait!

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