Love Yourself!

I saw this meal plan by Guiliana Ransic on Skinny vs Curvy today and I have to say it is one of the most disturbing things ever. The fact that it reads like a page out of a severely mentally ill persons diary is sad, but the fact that she put this shit out there as advice is just sick. Even more disturbing is the fact that someone would actually follow this and call it being healthy.  I was going to link it, but I figure I might as well post the whole thing. Yeah I don’t even want that shit on my blog, so click the meal plan link to check it out and look around Skinny vs Curvy as well, it’s a really great site.

And as a counter to that meal plan here are some pics of women of various shapes and sizes that all look amazing to prove that you are fantastic at any size.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh no pic today because if I try to post it the slideshow will pick it up. I took it and I’ll throw it in tomorrow’s post.

Later 8)


4 thoughts on “Love Yourself!

  1. She looked a bit too skinny to me, but I didn’t think her diet was too bad – she just eats healthy ALL the time! Not sure about the being in the gym by 5am though – for me THAT was the worst part!!!

    I think, sadly, she is right about coffee. I read somewhere the other day some information that made me reassess my coffee intake (I do go a bit overboard though).

    I would never want to be that skinny – my husband would divorce me!! LOL I think I’d divorce me!

    1. I don’t think I would have blinked twice her meal plan if she wasn’t so psychotically meticulous and the caps, exclamation points, and calling foods the devil didn’t help. That’s the weird thing though cause it’s so hard to tell if someone is just really healthy or mental.

      1. You have a point. Cultural differences you see – we tend to think Americans go overboard about stuff, so sort of ignore the more dramatic aspects of the presentation! *wink*

  2. Hey Gidget!

    Just came across your blog and I gotta say, I really dig it 🙂 . This is my fave post so far! I can totally identify with what you’re saying.

    Anyway, if you get a chance, would be cool if you could check out my blog:

    Thanks and i look forward to reading more of your stuff!

    Kris513 (”,)

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