Five Reasons to Watch: Ruby

So if you have never heard of the television show Ruby it is a reality show that chronicles the weight loss journey of Ruby who previously weighed almost 800 pounds. The show isn’t only about weight loss, we also get to see Ruby’s personal struggles with her past, relationships, friends, and family. And with that said here are my five reasons to watch Ruby:

Reason 1: Ruby


Ruby is exactly what you would conjure up if you put together a bunch of southern stereotypes. With that said, she is also an incredibly likeable character with an energy that just makes you want to watch her. Her slightly annoying voice that borders on a whine take some getting used to and she does get needy, but past that she can be quite fun to watch. I just can’t explain why though…

Reason 2: Her Friends

Georgia, Ruby, and Jeff

The two main friend’s (pictured above) are Georgia and Jeff. They are Ruby’s best buds and pretty much spend their time running around doing stuff for Ruby, technically you could also call them her enablers. The most interesting of the two is Jeff who at 30 something is still a virgin and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. He’s had one relationship since the show’s been on and the rest of his time is spent hanging around his primarily female friends while he keeps us asking the old is he or isn’t he.  I personally think it would be better to find out Jeff is gay because at this point it is kinda painful to watch him pretend though to be fair all of his time is not filmed, so we may find out he is just a sensitive guy or that when we don’t see him he is off hanging with the guys… I doubt that but I’m being fair.

Outside of her core two friends we also have gotten introduced to a plethora of Ruby’s other pals primarily through her Ladies Fat Night and visits. And if you look closely you may even spot a recognizable face here or there.

Reason 3: Denny

Denny is Ruby’s kinda hot ex that keeps us wondering if their relationship was real or a figment of Ruby’s imagination. They definitely have a chemistry, but as more details about the relationship get revealed you have to wonder if they were just good buds and roommates. When Ruby was at her biggest she was “dating” Denny and they even moved to LA and lived together. So far we know that they never had a physical relationship (Ruby believes in waiting to have sex til marriage as well), they had separate rooms in the apartment they shared, and Denny slept with other women while living with Ruby. Denny pops up every few episodes and after a while Ruby tells him to leave and vows he is out of her life only to bring him right back in later. DRAMA!

Reason 4: Ruby’s Past

A constant mystery on the show is Ruby’s apparently blank memory of her childhood. We keep getting hints that there may have been some kind of trauma in Ruby’s childhood, but we never get what it was. As the show progress more and more hints are revealed and this season promises to finally unveil the answer.

Reason 5: Weight Loss

If you like weight loss shows then you should add this one to your list. Fuck that shit! The real and possibly biggest reason to watch Ruby… her language! She makes up the most ridiculous names for stuff and I swear she will have you saying it after a few episodes. Some hits include:

Christmas… Vagina

Hacky… Happy

Petey….. Penis

Breasticles…. Breasts

Helicopter…. Hell

And that is it, my five reasons to tune into Ruby… though after writing this I’m kinda questioning why I watch. Eh, what else is on Sunday nights?

*amendment! I had to change reason 5,,, fuck weight loss, the language!

*amendment 2! WTF Jeff and Georgia dated for years! Are you serious? That makes their relationship just that much stranger.

And here is the daily pic…

Later ;0)


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