Single Mothers are Amazing

As the daughter of a single mother I was completely disgusted when I heard the statement Mike Huckabee made about Natalie Portman. Not only was this statement false, but it was also irresponsible in many many ways. For one thing Natalie is not a single mother and is in fact enagaged to the father of her child. Secondly even though I agree that there are many single mothers that have difficulties raising their children there are just as many others that do not and being a single parent is not an automatic precursor to welfare and ill behaved children.  In fact there are many single mothers that are well educated with great jobs that are able to raise their children just fine. And there are even more single mothers with well established support systems consisting of family and friends.

My mother raised me incredibly well and I can think of many more friends that can say the exact same thing about their single mothers. We weren’t rich, but she managed to send me to private schools my entire life and I was never once sent to school unprepared. I never missed a school function, my grades were always great, holidays were never a disappointment  and I was constantly surrounded with love. And I can think of many kids with two parents that never had any of that. I believe when people picture single mothers they see the stereotype of a woman that is stuck raising a child on their own with little to no resources and that is not necessarily the case.

There are many single mothers that are widows, divorced, or have chosen to raise children on their own and they do a terrific job. In fact I would say it is poverty more than single motherhood that effects ones ability to raise children properly. When parents are forced to work all hours of the day just to make ends meet the children are the ones in the end that suffer and that is the case whether there are two parents or one. And in all of those cases rather than judging we should be helping people. Everyone has their own unique family situation and I believe that as long as the child has love and someone to take care of them, they will be fine. And furthermore everyone needs to stop focusing on problems with others families and spend more time making sure theirs are good.

Oh and also I would just like to throw in that as a kid (like most children) I never knew there was anything different about my family until outside people told me so. So maybe we shouldn’t keep throwing the message out there that children of single parents are doomed because there could be some kid listening and they just might take you seriously.

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5 thoughts on “Single Mothers are Amazing

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    In an honors class in high school, we had a discussion about single mothers and welfare. My classmates talked for twenty minutes while I sat silent, waiting to see what they’d come up with. They finally settled on “Welfare is a waste, since all children of single mothers end up in prison anyways.” At this point I raised my hand, and informed them that I was the daughter of a single mother who never received child support, and that meant we went without far more than necessary, but somehow, I still ended up in an honors class with all of them instead of prison. The silence that followed was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I’m happy to say their minds were opened, but I hate that so many others still hold prejudice. I’m so happy that my mother raised me alone, especially since the alternative would have been being raised in an abusive home (but oooh, I’d have a married mother, so everything would be peachy keen! *sarcasm*). Plus, my mom and I have a much better relationship than most of my peers have with their parents…

    I can only hope to be as successful and strong as she has been.


    1. (PS – I really cannot “like” this post enough… just know that even though my words cannot express it, this really means a lot to me, and a million thanks to you for writing it.)

    2. Reading your comments was really comforting to me because we always hear the negative about single moms. I am so glad you spoke up in your class, I feel like the more of us that do the more we chip away at the stereotype. Single moms are not the weak women they are made out to be they are some of the strongest people in the world and any kid is lucky to be raised by them. Plus let’s admit they made some pretty awesome girls ;0)

  2. One of my friends wants to be a single mum. She has a baby who is 7 months old and although the father is present she believes she can do a better job on her own, and I agree. There are some circumstances where it is better for a child to be raised by one parent alone.

    Your post was inspiring because unfortunately for a lot of people being a single mum is not merely an option. They have no choice, but they have to make things work. And a lot of these mother’s are astonishing and do make it work. Single mums definitely deserve more credit!

    1. I totally agree with you. People forget that sometimes the environment can be better for a child if there is just one parent instead of two. I would prefer children have one extremely good parent rather than have the child’s good parent stressing out about the other parent is only half there. When you think about it that way things are so much different.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting ;0)

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