Never Let Me Go

Ok, I’m all but convinced that I am one of those jackasses that hates everything everyone else likes out of pure spite. I don’t intentionally hate them, but I tend to find myself going against the popular opinion quite a bit. Like I hated the Matrix with every fiber of my being and the only thing I disliked more was Avatar.  I know millions of people thought these were the best movies ever, but I just remember watching them and thinking “this is bullshit man!”.  At least i made it through the Matrix movies! I watched Avatar for like 30 minutes and fell asleep.

Same thing happened with Titanic, after about 1 1/2 hours I was pleading for the characters to just die already. And you know what? I even go back to watch the movies again just to make sure I was not being too judgemental and I still fucking hate them.  Though I am determined to give Titanic another go purely for my love of Kate and Leo.

But I bet you are wondering what is up with this rant huh?

Well I just finished watching the movie Never Let Me Go and I loved it. I’m not sure if people loved this film or hated it, so that’s not the popular opinion I will be going against. No, I’m going against the love of book.  I heard for ages how Never Let Me Go was the best book of the decade and how much people adored it, so of course I went out and bought it. And I can’t say I necessarily hated it, but I was completely unable to finish it. I bought it along with a book called I’m Not a Serial Killer and assumed I would like the Killer book more, but decided to read NLMG first. Like a week in I ended up giving up and reading the Killer book, not necessarily because NLMG was a bad book but because it was slow.

For someone who is a patient reader I am positive this book would be amazing, but that is not me. I can push through a slow film like no one you have ever met, but when it comes to books I like to feel like I’m getting somewhere in the story. When I read NLMG I literally would sit and read through a giant chunk of the book then stop to do something. And I swear every time I stopped and thought about the book I would realize that, although I had read through a huge chunk of the book, I was no farther in the story than when I had started. Which for me is frustrating.

So I figured I should check out the movie, because movies make stories more succinct and I was right. The movie was beautiful and from what I can tell from the 60% or so of the book I read, they did a pretty good job of cutting out all of the little details and creating a main story. Which in my opinion made the story a lot better because I wasn’t constantly sidelined. And if you are curious about the movie..

click me for the trailer!

The moral of the story: Never Let Me Go was a beautiful story that you would most likely enjoy either way. So if you are a patient reader check out the book and if you are more visual like me save $10 and rent the movie at a RedBox (dude that’s like 10 rentals!).

And the daily photo…

too lazy to turn on the light ;0)

Later ;0)


2 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go

  1. The world needs people who see things differently than the mainstream! I agree with you on the Matrix and Avatar, but draw the line at Titanic. 🙂 By the way, your choco theme is very nice! Cheers! John

    1. I knew I would lose people on Titanic, people love that movie. The choco theme is great! It has become super popular, seriously like half the blogs I’ve checked our recently have it lol.

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