Glee: A Tale of Obsession

As I think of my obsession with Glee I can only describe it as coming on “gradually and then  suddenly”.  It started rather innocently enough, a free I-Tunes download, and evolved from there.

I  went to my I-Tunes store to check the new crop of free television shows for the rare find and came across a clip of the Glee cast singing Golddigger.  Generally this would not interest me, but the  massive amount of praise for the show and my rather immense love for all things Kanye West  made the song far too attractive to pass up.  So needless to say I clicked download, and that was the beginning of my descent into Gleekdom.

As I watched the clip I remember liking it and thinking I should catch a show one day, but as with most things I never made it around to doing it.  That is until they introduced the Gwyneth Paltrow episode…   By this time I was done with school and catching up on television, so I thought why not. I had always been a bit of a closet Gwen fan and she was singing my current favorite song.  So I tuned in and of course  they hooked me with their likeable characters, catchy songs that invite you to sing along, and just the right amount of hot boys.

I should have stopped there, but of  course I had to tune in the next week to find out what happened to everyone.  Much to my credit I stopped after those two episodes and not even the best theme was able to bring me in.  Though like crack taunting the elusive crackhead the songs of Glee kept calling to me through the millions of commercials and Just Jared promos.  They begged me to tune in and sing along, but I resisted.  Until this past weekend when Oxygen ran an all day Glee marathon…bastards!

I tuned in and just happened to catch the first episode of season two and I knew at that moment I was a goner.  Eight hours and who knows how many songs later I was officially a Gleek, so much so I actually got upset I missed 20 minutes of today’s episode.  It has burrowed its way into my life and I see absolutely no sign of it leaving. Not only does the show speak to my inner outcast, but it also takes advantage of my long running love of musicals.  Of course the girl that memorized the song and dance routines from Bye Bye Birdie, has been known to recite lines from Singin’ In the Rain, and loves damn near every song on the pop top 40 would love Glee.  It is a show made for someone like me.  The subtle drama, catchy musical numbers, and almost average looking kids calls back to a time when shows were just about entertainment and a sense of fun.  Maybe you got the occasional life lesson, but you knew when you tuned you were going to have a good time. Not to say sex and drama don’t make for good entertainment, but sometimes you need more.  You need a fun ride you can get on and forget all of the shit that happens from day-to-day, and that is what Glee delivers.

Which is why as I type this I realize that I am rather proud to be a Gleek, because at least its something I can be completely.   It’s me standing up and saying yeah I like being a dork and that’s okay, so screw you and your need to be cool. I’m having fun ;0p

And I would like to officially put in my bid to be a new cast member on Glee…they totally need me!

Later ;0)

*the quote comes from The Sun Also Rises, but I got it from Prozac Nation, in case you were wondering.


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