I Wanna See Your Peacock,cock,cock,cock….

First things first: before you give me points for the title I should tell you it came from here…BTW it is such bullshit the EMI won’t let this play anywhere!

Leave it to that Katy Perry to make a dirty lyric sound cute and fun. Genius that girl, genius!

Anyway I was thinking recently about crushes that you have to justify to people. We all have those crushes that everyone agrees on, but there are always one or two that people will look at you like “what the hell is your problem?’.  Be they friend, celebrity, or otherwise we feel the need to think up reasons why we find that particular person irresistible, if only to bring the others around to our side.  And I decided why not do a post dedicated to my what the hell crushes…so here we go!

1. Vincent Cassel

I should preface this with saying that for every person that looks at me and goes why there is one that totally gets it. He is just one damn sexy man, no other reasoning needed. I dare anyone who disagrees to watch him in anything and not find him at least a little attractive.  I admit he may not be Clooney handsome and to be honest he rides that fine line between being weird-looking and quirky hot (also see James Franco). But man oh man does he ride that line well! Not one to find French accents particularly melt worthy, I find his irresistible.  He has an ability to make you look at him yet never exactly know why and that is what makes him one sexy beast.

2. Kevin James

Let’s be honest, the only reason anyone would look at me crazy for this one is because he’s a big guy.  I would argue back though that he pulls off being a bigger guy incredibly well. I am not one that believes that size has any effect on how hot you are because it really all comes down to how you work it. Kevin James works big well!

3. Seth Rogen

Another funny guy! I’m sure some of you would say that you agree Seth is funny, but hot not so much. Even more might say he is kinda hot now that he dropped a few lbs. To all that I say: SETH HAS ALWAYS BEEN HOT!  Maybe it’s just my love of laughing, but funny guys are always kinda hot in my book. They generally are laid back, non-metro, and not a pain in the ass. All features that make them way better than the male model that primps for 3 hours a day.

4. Kanye West

I am almost 99% sure that the majority of the time I spend defending this particular crush has nothing to do with his looks.  The majority of that time is spent defending the fact that I find someone with such an awful personality attractive.  Several years ago this was easy to defend because I had a lot to work with. He may have been arrogant on award shows and whatnot, but I had many interviews and videos that showed he was just some geeky kid playing tough. I was also positive at that time that in reality Kanye was a super sweet guy. Here is some proof:

Awww! Look at the nerd…

Now though this soft side is a little less hard to see and Kanye’s actions become less and less easy to defend, but I still think he’s a good guy.  Maybe slightly crazy these days (the images of death, violence, and sex penetrating everything he does is a little creepy), but I feel like the good guy is still in there waiting to pop back out. And the fact that he is so passionate about what he does just keeps making him hot in my book.

5. Robert De Niro

Young Robert isn’t a hard sell, but lets face it any older guy is and De Niro is getting up there in age.  I personally think the man will always have something about him that makes him hot…he is one of the best actors of his generation! Plus I give him major points for looking fantastic on the Little Fockers poster…

Come on for an older guy, make that for any guy, he looks pretty damn fantastic!

And that is all for my defendable hotties list. No I may not want to see all of their peacocks, but you cannot deny that they all have something about them that makes you look twice.

And the daily pic…

Me sitting frustrated thinking, “Damn these pics need to get more interesting!”  or at least I need some new effects. Damn I-Photo only has like five awesome ones!

Later ;0)


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