It’s Like A Crime Scene In My Pants: A Review

Guess what I just saw……

I figure since the movie got my little blog here so many views I might as well check it out and you know what? It was awesome! I had my doubts that the movie would be funny, but I was completely wrong. Plus (as you can see by my title) I found an even better catch phrase to use repeatedly.  If you don’t get it I am not explaining it to you…. just find comfort in the fact that you either are not a girl or don’t know any and hope that will change one day. But I digress, back to the movie. Natalie was surprisingly super funny in this and it was a nice change after the seriousness of Black Swan. We all know Ashton is a funny guy and the rest of the cast was no surprise, but finding out the often straight-laced Portman could let loose was refreshing.  Though we have seen her crack the occasional joke here and there (even Black Swan had some funny moments), and who could forget this:

You know now that I think about it I have seen Natalie be hilarious like a million times…so what was with the shock?

No Strings Attached had the perfect cocktail for comedy; it was well written, had an amazing cast, and a fun premise.  Every cast member had at least one funny moment, which let’s be honest is a pretty rare (we all know there is generally that one character that makes you go “why are you here?”).  And I applaud the movie for laughing at sex without making it into a joke, it creates a lightness that does not feel at all ridiculous. No Strings Attached took the typical romantic comedy and turned it on its head, not so much that you didn’t get the recognizable moments but enough that it could feel refreshing and new.  It appeals to the girls as well as the guys and though there may not have been many surprises the ride was still fun.

So my suggestion is get off your ass and check it out.

And if you saw it…

Coming soon: The daily pic and me bitching about shitty movie endings!

Later ;0)


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