You Can’t Handle the Truth

A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

~William Blake, “Auguries of Innocence,” Poems from the Pickering Manuscript

The question today was:

Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts? Or is ignorance bliss? Or are they both true some of the time?

Pretty good right? Well I have an answer for this and that is, the they are both good some of the time. I know there are some people who would argue that it is always good to tell the truth, but I shoot back at them with does the truth always do good.  Yes it is good to tell the truth in situations where there is something at stake or when someone could get hurt if you don’t, but what about when you tell the truth about something someone can’t change?

Here is an example: A friend comes to you and asks you if the scar on her face looks bad. Now you know she got in a bad accident and the scar it left is really noticeable. You also know that doctors have done all they can to fix it and for now it looks the best it can. So I ask what good would it do to tell her the scar looks horrible? Will it make her feel better? Will it change anything? No.

That may be an extreme example of how the truth doesn’t help, but I would also like to add that a lot of people hide behind the truth when really they are just mean. Think about people who tout themselves as being honest, I’ll give you a minute…….. Now tell me did you like those people? And if you didn’t was it because the truth hurt or was it because they were just assholes?  See the true truth may hurt at first, but in the end it helps us grow.  A person that tells you the truth should have your best interests at heart. If they don’t or  the truth fails to help then they were just being an ass.

I find that people who consider themselves to be incredibly honest tend to just be people who can’t be bothered to consider how the people around them feel. I knew this girl who most likely would call herself honest and you know what she was just an ass.  You would ask her to do or look at something and she would flat-out say no she didn’t feel like it. What would you call her? Lazy? A bitch? I called her both. We see men on television everyday that have girlfriends they persist to call fat and ugly. And most of the time the women are bigger, but does that make the truth any better. No! The guy is the lowest form of asshole.  Oh and for the guys that may read this you are also considered the lowest form of asshole when you choose to lie when it come to the important things. A lie about cheating is NEVER ok, even if it hurts people you still need to fess up.

Also I would like to point out that there is a time, place, and circumstance for the truth. I had class with another girl and she said that her friends had an agreement that whenever one of them would gain weight the others would tell them.  An arrangement that may not be that bad (personally I don’t give a shit what friend you are you comment on my weight and I punch the shit out of you, but that’s just me) , but what about the friend that gained a little weight and likes her new look. Does telling her “hey you are getting really fat” help?  What about the girl who already feels like crap about her looks? Not so helpful when you think about it like that.

When I think about the truth I think of it like a credit card, good if used correctly but awful if in the wrong hands. Smart people can balance truth and determine when it will do the most good.  Did you ever consider that this may be why kids and the elderly are the most honest people? Because anyone with a complete understanding of right and wrong would know that truth is a tricky thing and you should think before you use it.

Just sayin’

Oh and the pic for today came from the suggestion to take a pic of something that reveals the truth…

I chose to take a pic of me with no effects, no make-up, and my hair completely undone. What better truth than to show who you are everyday, right?

Later ;0)


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