I think I miss the point of calling in a blog because I always come in and write text, but hey I like to break the rules.  But I digress the point of today’s blog is to gush about how awesome The Social Network was and that is pretty much what the audio is about (I think I was channeling my inner Daria because I’m gushing in a really deadpan voice):

And because I love you…

I think I loved this movie so much because I was a member of Facebook when there were only a few schools on it and I remember how cool it was back then. I find that even though it is really fucked up to find something cool when it’s exclusive, it doesn’t change the fact that it just is.  When Facebook was just for a few colleges it was awesome, but then as it started opening up it just got lamer and lamer. I think the point where my love died was when people my mom’s age started joining and talking about it like it was cool.  Though I will give Facebook one major point because even though I am not as interested in using it I can’t shutdown my profile.  It has become that influential in my life that I can’t for the life of me let it go because all I will think is what if someone is trying to find me.  Sad? yes! Pathetic? pretty much. True? Absolutely!

Oh and if you are like me and tried to figure out who the movie star was that they referenced in the movie I just want to point out it definitely was not Natalie Portman. She graduated in 2003 and the site went up in 2004, so it couldn’t be, but if you happen to know who it was leave it in the comments. I always find myself getting really obsessed with these random things in movies…the fact that I still don’t know what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johannsen at the end of Lost in Translation still has me climbing up a wall.

Oh and here is the pic for the day featuring the DVD as promised:

It is just a simple design, but I love it! Coolest DVD ever, though as I think about it I am sure I have seen at least one other movie with a similar design…but who cares. Mark stole Facebook, so why can’t the DVD steal the design. Right?!?!

Oh and speaking of Natalie Portman, I just saw her ad for Dior and I love it. It manages to pull off cute and sexy at the same time without being lame.

It’s a well done ad right?  I love when they make them good, because these perfume print ads sometimes tend to be a little lame. Oh and don’t even get me started on the commercials! Have you ever seen anything more awful  than the Usher and Britney Spears ads? If you say yes I feel terrible for you because whatever you saw had to be truly awful.

And that is all folks!

Later ;0)


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