You Look Like a Pumpkin Bitch!

Lol! No I have never said that to anyone, but I wish I had because that is the most ridiculously hilarious line I’ve heard in a while.  Anywho since yesterdays post was kind of long I have decided to keep this one minimal. And as an extra treat here is the Red Band trailer for No Strings Attached, a movie which I must admit I am really looking forward to.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh and here is the pic for the day:

No I’m not just posting a pic of me holding a shitload of Ziplock bags, its what’s in the bag that counts. I made Butterscotch, White, and Dark chocolate pretzels! Yeah I am awesome. I spent 2 hours sitting in my living room like a keebler elf making pretzels (3 if you count in the break I had to take to go to the store to buy more butterscotch chips because I burnt the first batch). And there is my result.

I am also impressed with the fact that everyday of the new year I have cooked my own food, not a major feat for some but for me huge.

And with that I must say…later bitches!

Cheers ;0)

*Since you have stopped by why not check out some of the other shit on here….just sayin!


3 thoughts on “You Look Like a Pumpkin Bitch!

    1. I actually went and checked and just found out it isn’t a review of the film Dorian Gray actually more than double the amount of views that one had. It is the first blog I wrote that brought in views though. Thanks for stopping by!

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