Ten Things That Make Me Smile…

I most likely won’t be following the post a day topic everyday, but I must admit I rather like today’s topic so I’m doing it. They asked what makes you smile and being the overachiever I am I decided that I could not simply write one thing that made me smile, but rather 10. In list form of course:

1.  Bewitched – laugh at me if you must, but this movie makes me instantly happy. I had no idea why this had such an effect on me for ages but recently I came across Practical Magic on television and I instantly remembered why.  I loved PM and of course Bewitched would have to same effect on me…come on Nicole Kidman is in both of them playing a witch.

1a: Teen Movies- particularly the ones from the 80’s and 90’s because they are the best. Back then they actually put in some damn effort to make the movies not shitty and they hired decent actors and actresses, most of the stuff today just sucks big time. Compare any of it to movies like The Craft or Clueless and you will see how bad they are. But there is one movie that came out very recently which I must admit brought back the good teen comedy…and what is that you say? One of my favorites from 2010 EASY A!

2. Music – 10 songs that make me smile…..because I realized that songs were taking up too much of my list.

1. Got to Give It Up- Its an old song, and in my opinion one of the most fantastic songs ever made.  I dare you to hear that beat in the beginning and not dance instantly… I DARE YOU!  And an interesting fact, this one also links back to Practical Magic because that happens to be the first place I ever heard it.

2. Smile- I have long been a fan of Lily Allen and I personally feel she doesn’t get the cred she deserves because her music is awesome. I love them all, but Smile will always be my favorite with its up beat and bitter lyrics. I actually think it may be perfect.

3. No Such Thing- Seriously such a good song, that there is nothing else to say about it.

4.  Extraordinary Machine- I should thank Anna Paquin for helping me to find this song because I never would have if I hadn’t come across it on her playlist. It’s such an amazing song!

5. I Got a Feeling- Another song that I feel needs no explanation because it is so fantastically upbeat and wonderful.

6. Firework- Katy Perry really scored big with this song, its uplifting without being cheesy. And you can try to hide from it, but it will find you and make you love it. Just give in!

7. Now That You Got It- A lesser known Gwen Stefani song, but no less one of my favorites. I had this as my ringtone and every time my phone rang in class it was like that scene from Scrubs where the whole hospital starts dancing to Turk’s ringtone.  And here is a fun fact: Until I did this post I had no idea there was a totally awesome video for this song…I now want to steal everything Gwen wore in this video.

8. In the Sun- Another one I dare you to listen to and not be happy, and that video for it…come on! BTW: super cute clothes in this one too!

9. Little Bit (remix)- I actually adore both versions of this song, but the remix is just so damn good. It’s not really upbeat, but its not really downbeat either which is why I love it.

10. Pocketful of Sunshine- I have to admit it doesn’t really make me smile when I’m just listening to it, but there is no more fun song to sing.  I got this karaoke game a few years ago and this was on it and I swear if it counted to most sung songs on the game this would be at the top of the list. And thanks to Easy A, the obsession has started again.  Seriously if you find the song annoying just sing it and I swear you will love it. It is the perfect sing along song.

3. Woody Allen movies-  I love all my old favorites, but I must admit nothing beats turning on the tv and finding one I have never seen. That list is getting pretty short though, so Woody is going to have to make some new movies for me to find.

4. Cupcakes/ Food Network- Must I explain this? Seriously if you hate cupcakes and the Food Network you should really begin to consider the fact that you just may be satan…just sayin.

5. The Alchemist- funny thing is I have never actually read this book nor do I even remotely know what the ending is. So why the hell is it here you say? Well I got a free audio book of it a long time ago (back when the cheap bastards at Apple were still giving decent shit away in the iTunes store) and I listen to it when I’m going to sleep (hence the never hearing the end). It is such an uplifting book and I love listening to it.

6. Good Hair Days- We all know when you look good you feel just a little bit better. I am not one that goes insane and must be perfect at all times, but the occasional really good day sprinkled with a lot of good days is enough for me.

Oh sure it’s just a ponytail, but having a decent ponytail is much harder than you think especially for me.

7. Watching back to back episodes of some of my favorite TV shows. In particular, but not limited to, Daria, Scrubs, Will and Grace, Gidget, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Boondocks.

8. Getting Free Stuff/Finding Money- Does anyone have to ask why this is amazing and makes me incredibly happy? I think not! And if you do not know the pure joy of finding money (be it you own or a strangers) I truly feel sorry for you.

9. Shopping-  Nothing beats buying new stuff (except getting it for free) and there is no better feeling than finding that one thing that is super cute and that you know you will wear until it falls apart.  I enjoy shopping for anything (and I do mean anything), but what really makes it fun for me is when I find a great deal on something. Good times!

10. Art- I like throwing myself into a project and looking back at something I created.

And that is it my friends, my 10 things that make me smile. And yes I know there are slightly more than 10, but hey you know me always breaking the rules.  Also in case you are keeping track and because I actually have no place else to post them, here is my pic for today.

Ah yes eating Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats in the hoodie I just got back from my little cousin (after SEVEN months!), fun times.  So that makes what three days in a row? Why yes it does! I know you may not be impressed, but I am. I’m keeping this up with enthusiasm, but not so much that I will burn out in a week, muy impressivo (probably spelled that way wrong, if those are even words…meh what can you do). Oh and i promise the pics will get more exciting and of better quality, but right now since I’m pretty much chillin’ at home all day they are just snaps taken with my webcam. When I go somewhere the pics will too.

Thanks for reading ;0)


* If you are wondering why I keep saying cheers at the end of these I must admit I have no idea. I heard some people say it and now I feel compelled to do likewise.


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