A Post for Brittany M.

I started off with that because Brittany looks so amazingly happy there and I love it. If you know anything about me you know that Clueless changed my life (as strange and crazy as that sounds it is true) and remains to this very day my all time favorite movie, so to hear one of my favorite characters from that movie died was devastating. Brittany Murphy has been in not just that one, but several many movies that I absolutely adore and she has always managed to make me laugh,cry, and feel happy.

In the last year or so Brit has not been around much and I feel so terrible in saying that I like many others I kind of forgot her. The same girl who captivated me in Clueless, the girl who I could recite every line from her movies, the very girl who made the movies that I loved so dearly was no longer on my mind.  It was not until yesterday as I was ranting about relationships that I happened to think of Brittany again mainly because a not so rare Brittany movie find held the perfect title to my blog and as I looked for images pertaining to love and other disasters I remembered Brittany and smiled wondering when she would make another movie and entertain me again. Unfortunately for me and everyone else in this world the answer to that question was never.

I did not know Brittany and I can’t tell you who she was, but I do know that her spirit was so captivating it sucked you in and made you watch her.  She was there as the quirky goofy girl when I was younger and as my movie tastes grew so did her roles always there to provide me with just what I needed at that time. When I was bored I would find random indie movies like Girl Interrupted or The Dead Girl or funny little romantic comedies like Love and Other Disasters or when I wanted to be a goof I could pop in Happy Feet or a King of the Hill season. I adore Brittany and I hope where ever she is she’s having a wonderful time, and I would like to personally say thank you ;0).

Rollin’ with the Homies……… RIP Brit


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