The Shape of Things

I have to say the first time I saw The Shape of Things I was hooked on it, but I lost track of my DVD and have not seen it for awhile.  A couple of days ago, while cleaning, I happened upon a stash of DVDs in a bag and guess what happened to be in there? Yes my friends, it was The Shape of Things sitting there ready to be watched.  So of course I popped that sucker in and can I say that absence does make the heart grow fonder.  I had watched the movie so much that around the time I misplaced it I was actually sick of seeing it, but man was it fun to find it again.

The movie is this really great story about these four people and their relationships, well on the surface that is what it is about.  It is really about our obsession with improvement and looks and how changing the outside inevitably changes the inside.  Adam meets Evelyn (and if you watch this and don’t get the clear reference to a certain biblical story then I will find you and hit you) and he falls in love.  Over the course of their relationship Adam continues to change both externally and internally, which mixes things up in his inner circle. The ending, which I will not give away here, is the best capper to this whole experience.

I think this movie touches on some true things, especially the fact that the cuter a guy gets the more he acts like an asshole.  Case and point a guy I spent way to much time with during college, lets just call him Drew. When I met Drew we were in high school and he was this geeky skinny guy that no one would really ever look twice at, cute but nothing special. I didn’t talk to him much in high school because we hung with different people, but when I found out we would be going to the same college I decided that it was good to know at least one person there. Through what I only consider fates divine intervention we ended up at the same orientation and that pretty much cemented our level of closeness during most of our college experience.

So freshman year happened and i flourished making tons of friends along the way. Drew on the other hand did not so for most of the year he and I were inseparable.  All of my friends and classmates knew him because he would wait for me outside of my classes and it was kind of just a given that he was near by. He was cute and sweet and wonderful; to put it in a word perfect. So winter quarter came and I didn’t see him for one reason or another and by spring I kinda missed him. He reappeared in spring and after a quarter of working out he was absolutely amazing looking (think James Franco only Puerto Rican)

franco1400See how melt worthy that is….no lie everywhere I went with him girls were practically drooling and I scored my luckiest girl in the world medal. Things stayed good all the way through fall of junior year and over the course of that time he only got better and better looking (don’t even get me started about the time he grew his hair out).  So winter of junior year he moved into dorms and that was the beginning of the end for us. I am gonna guess that at this point someone (or rather some skank) decided to get into his head that he was super hot and it was at that point his personality went to shit. His friends were douchebags, he actually started asking me to loan him money (not necessarily a bad thing except for the fact he tried not to pay me back), and then he finally stopped talking to me altogether rather he stopped regularly talking.

The cuter he believed he was the more he began to believe he could get away with anything. He became a person I both hated and loved, loved only because  I could still see the faint traces of the old Drew. Oddly enough over time the more of an asshole he became the more his looks began to fade. He began to think he could get away with rolling out of bed drunk with vomit on his shirt (he could not) and I started accepting that the boy I adored was gone. By senior year I would run into him and he would attempt to be his old sweet self, but what we were had been broken and could not be repaired. I missed him, but I did not need him.

I ran into him three times since graduating (last I checked he was still in college which would put him in his eight year though I’m sure he is out now) and every time it was awkward. The first time was on my way to work and he practically ran away from me, the second time I was with another boy disaster (don’t get me started on that one) and he looked so uncomfortable and unhappy to see me that I wished I hadn’t seen him, the last time I saw him we were polite to each other but I was at the point that I was just over it.  I tried to friend him on facebook, but he ignored me (note as I wrote that I went back on facebook t0 look him up  and seeing his face almost makes me cry).

Do I miss him? Yes he was a major part of my college experience and life. Do I wish he never realized how cute he was? Yes and no, I think he needed that confidence boost, but I hate what it did to him.  How do I feel about him now? I still wish I was able to talk to him and at times I miss his awkwardness, but I know at some point in my life I will see him again. I think this post will be the last time I talk about him or rather I won’t mention him for a while because I think I need to learn to let people go.  Though I do take solace in the fact that a good friend of mine was positive he was gay and basically told me he was probably spending more time in boyztown scamming on guys than with some random skanks. I don’t talk to that girl anymore, but I thank her for that and really hope she was right. It feels better to believe he stopped talking to me because he had his own issues than to believe he was just not that into me.

Ah the little things ;0)


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