I Think I’m a Little Bit in Love with You…

I know I am a little late on this, but as of recent I have jumped on the Lykke Li train. I downloaded a bunch of her stuff like a week or so ago and I finally got around to listening to it today while I was on my way to the thing in the second half of this post. I had already listened to the N.A.S.A song with Kanye and Santagold, but to be honest I had no idea who Lykke Li was. Well finally I was watching some fashion thing with Zac Posen and he played this Lykke Li song that I really liked and that day I downloaded a bunch of stuff.  So after listening to it I am officially hooked, but my favorite song on there is this one:

How cool and 60s-esque is that performance? i felt like I was watching an old episode of Gidget or something. Part of the reason I love this song is because i absolutely adore the remix and have sent the day battling over which version is better. I have concluded that I love them both!  Oh and the remix has another artist on it that everyone loves and I know nothing about, Drake. I should get around to checking out his stuff, but until then…

I think the Lyrics add a nice little touch or that was just the video that annoyed me the least on youtube….you decide.

Also the thing I went to see today….ZOMBIELAND!!!!!!  I know, I know how late am I, but i’m a grad student I’m busy.  Anyway I loved this movie and it was so funny and cheesy in the good way. I swear I desperately need to get it on DVD, if not just for the Bill Murray scenes.  BTW am I alone in hating cheers, but loving Woody Harrelson?zombieland

Line I will be quoting forever: It’s time to nut up or shut up.


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