Disclaimer: I am a fan of Twilight and I take part in the whole Twilight movement. I have the books and the movie, when you type R into my web address window a Robert Pattinson fan site will surely pop up. So should some crazy ass teenager come across this particular post I want them to know I too would sell my first born to date R-Patz. Ok, now that we have taken care of the crazies let’s move on shall we…

So the other day I was thinking about all of those sappy overdramatic Lifetime movies and what books would make goods ones and it got me to thinking about Twilight. Let me explain, I read this book a little while ago titled Fat Girl and it was suppossed to be this shocking portrayal of an emotinally abusive obsessive relationship. Well I read the book expecting it to be way more Lifetimey and full of drama and craziness, but felt rather disappointed to find out that it was not. It read as much more of a text book for young women to help them realize when their relationships were becoming unhealthy. The relationship in the book itself, though somewhat interesting, was not nearly as scary and unhealthy as it could have been.
Well what does this have to do with your precious Twilight you say? I realized that it was rather ironic that the in-depth writer that wanted to show everyone something shocking and real actually made something much tamer than the book written by a mormon housewife. Think about it for a second…doesn’t the relationship in Twilight seem just the tiniest bit unhealthy. Even when you take out the whole vampire thing that relationship is still warped. Let’s break it down:
1. Bella goes into a deep depression for like a third of New Moon because Edward is gone. Now as a therapist if a girl came into my office and told me that I would consider it a red flag that something was seriously wrong. Being depressed a few weeks after a breakup is normal, but a few months (for a high school boyfriend mind you!) is just nuts.
2. Bella’s way of getting over this is to take up activities that will put her in harms way because the closer she is to death the more likely it is she will see Edward. Does this sound slighty like suicidal ideation to anyone else but me? Seriously if this were a real girl she would have been locked up in the psyc ward months ago!
3. Both Bella and Edward say repeatedly that if the other dies they can no longer live. Again with the really creepy suicidal shit, I have to wonder what kind of relationships Stephanie Meyer is having…
4. Edward is constantly resisting the urge to kill Bella, but we all know the possibility is still there. Even better, Bella knows this and she just does not care! I am sorry, but would you date Ted Bundy and rely on trusting that he won’t strangle you in the middle of the night because he claims you are his true love? If you answered yes to that I hate to tell you, but you are pretty fucked up.
5. The relationship is that intense yet there is absolutly no sex involved. Come on who is gonna go that crazy for the occasional kiss? And I can’t help but wonder if these two were actually gettin it on they might not be so obsessed. I’m thinking there is way to much pinned up energy and tension, coupled with way too much time doing nothing and it is making these two crazy.
Plus in attempting to not make Twilight naughty or about the sex, Strphanie Meyer has done exactly what she was trying not to do. Girls love Edward because they want to hook up with him, so making him abstinent doesn’t really do anything. Also this relationship might be a little more healthy if there was sex involved (look at True Blood, they aren’t crazy or obsessive). And Stephanie has completely fallen short with the task of writting a positive female character because Bella is a terrible role model. A weak depressed girl obsessed with her creepy relationship with a guy that wants to kill her who would rather die than be without him. Oh yeah every girl should be like her!
I’m nor saying Twilight is bad or that kids shouldn’t read it (I am smart enough to know everyone doesn’t go out and do everything they see or read). I am saying that the author needs to look at what she created and understand that it may not be as innocent as she thought.
That’s all…




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