Chicks That Rock!

Ok so I am not one of those uber perfect, never have a hair out-of-place chicks and I highly doubt I will ever be. I consider myself quite the contradiction because I equally love being a film geek and going shopping or flipping through fashion magazines. I am a T-Shirt and jeans kind of girl with love for Woody Allen and indie movies. My i-pod looks like someone just dumped the entire contents of 10 other peoples i-pods into it and I like my boys funny, kooky, and just a little bit dirty (my word for non-metro).  I hate wearing anything that isn’t comfortable and I really hate girls that say they won’t wear anything for comfort (such dumbasses).  I also don’t believe in hiding the fact that you are smart, believing that you must be a size 2, or spending several hours to get ready for school in the morning.

Because of my stance on all of these things I tend to follow actresses that are also kind of cool and not into being the plastic Hollywood It Girl. I think it’s awesome when actresses have a mind of their own and don’t spend every second talking about fashion or making themselves into some pathetic male fantasy (Megan Fox I’m talking to you!!!!!  Seriously Angelina was just cool making up some gimmick to be like her just makes you look lame like the Octomom, can you say loser?).  It was way cooler that Emma Watson started Brown this week than getting a modeling contract. Mila Kunis is way cooler than Megan Fox, and Kelly Clarkson saying she had a bubble butt and was damn proud of it  is probably the best thing someone in the industry has said about weight. Which brings me to this awesome photo shoot with Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, two really cool actresses that apparently are new best buds.


Lucky bitches I would love to be friends with them ;0).


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