Current Obsessions II

I love writing about my current obsessions on here and they are seriously my favorite things to post about. So I am doing yet another post about my obsessions, some were on the last post and some are brand spanking new. So here we go……

1. The new fitness game for the Wii is going to be so AMAZING! I have the Wii fit already and I love it, so ever since I heard about this one I knew that I had to have it. It takes Wii fit to an entirely new level by giving you the freedom of motion and ability to jump and chart how well you are doing. My mom has agreed to get it for me as a little gift and I am psyched about it. I promise I will write a review for it once I get it in my hands 8)

2. True Blood season 2! I have been hooked on this show since day one because it is so amazing and the cast is super hot (plus I’m a southern girl at heart so it struck home). I had to actually make myself forget about True Blood in the time that it hasn’t been on TV because life without it would have been to horrible to bear, but now its on its way back! And season 2 looks like it will be even better than season 1, plus if I know Allan Ball (and trust me I do) he always outdoes himself year after year. I can promise but one thing this summer, I won’t be doing much of my homework.

P.S. Dexter my dear where are you? I miss you, please start your new season soon 8(.

Rob3. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know he was on the other obsessions post, but come on he is so nice he deserves to be on here twice. I love this guy and that sort of intense almost creepy gaze of his, plus he is super shy and self-deprecating which I find to be incredibly sexy. I am one of the weirdos that actually likes Rob way more then I like him playing Edward in Twilight. I think Rob is a lot more interesting because he seems to be really strange and I like that. So here’s to Rob, my crazy boy of the moment.

4. Asher Roth is my shock of the moment because I admit I really expected him to suck ass. I liked the whole I love college song and I thought it was a really catchy fun song for spring break, but I thought that was going to be about the last time I would ever listen to Asher.  Then the song above came out and I fucking loved it, so I decided to give this Asher kid a chance and previewed his CD on I-Tunes and every single song on it was awesome. So Stuck in the Bread Aisle is officially the CD of the moment on my I-Pod. Definitely worth checking out, it’s shockingly good.

PurpleViolets20075. Yeah another repost, why, because this movie is still amazing and I still am not watching it as much as I would like to. If you want to check out the trailer look at the other Current Obsessions post.

Ok so there were only two reposts here and I was about to add some more to this guy, but that would have meant even more reposts. I think you can just assume that these are continuations of each other lol because my obsessions stick around for quite some time. Like all summer I will be obsessed with finding cute summer clothes, until its fall (my favorite season) and I can start searching for awesome sweaters. jeans, dresses, and what not. Hope you enjoyed this weeks current obsessions and there are plenty more to come. L8R 8)


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