MySpace Why?

Ok so I am not the biggest fan of MySpace because I tend to like Facebook much better.  Here’s why…Whenever I happen to check in on MySpace I find something on there that I find to be completely annoying.  Example: Today I sign in and see that I have some new friend requests, so thinking its an old friend that has found me I go check it out.  Of course in the usual tradition on MySpace said friend requests are from three creepy people that I don’t know. Who the hell are these people and how do they happen to find me? I swear MySpace is home to some of the strangest shadiest people ever. Today’s pick two guys that look like they just stepped out of a prison and a chick that I am pretty sure was a hooker. Why people, why?

Ever since I have been on that damn site I have been invited to join an escort service (more than once), asked to walk on a guy for money, offered countless cds, and hit on by men I would run away from in most circumstances. I even had to write a blog to scare off my MySpace preditors:

“Ok, so why do I keep getting messages and friend requests from these guys that look like they have spent more than their share of time in a jail cell? Can they read because NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING in my profile even hints that I would want to talk to them. I like comedies and independent films they like Belly (WTF that movie was pathetic). I read MacBeth and Catcher in the Rye, they can’t read lol (I’m sure they can read very simple books). My hobbies are reading and photography, theirs??? participating in drive bys. I listen to Maroon 5, Coldplay, and Kanye West, they listen to…lets just say people I have never heard of lol. For goodness sake HARRY POTTER is playing in my profile!!!!!! Does that even seem like it goes with the gangster rap playing in theirs? So this blog is to vent my frustration at these people and if you happen to be one and are reading this contemplating adding me as a friend go through this check list please. 1) do I know you? If so add me cause if we are friends you are pretty normal. If no continue. 2) Look through my profile and if you have never seen nor heard of at least half of the movies and books in it then leave me alone. 3) Do any of you pictures have you handling a gun or drugs, in some kind of prison pose, or with a group of people that can be classified as a gang? if yes to any of these then the only feeling you awaken in me is the sudden urge to call the cops. 4) do you only listen to rap and not the good stuff like Kanye or Common but the shit that involves gunshots? If yes…Buh-Bye. 5) can you speak proper english? If no get lost. Now there are several more things, but I’m sure I have gotten rid of the bad people by now so I shall stop. Please people leave me alone, cause the word thug isn’t even in my vocabulary. Thanks for listening and if you read this and still bug me I will send this little message to you. ”

Did this work? Why yes for a short while it did, but low and behold they all came back. I am seriously starting to think there is something about me that screams hoodrat hooker….CIMG0562

no I take that back.


2 thoughts on “MySpace Why?

  1. I enjoyed reading this. Honestly, I feel the same way. (However, I am just a random which is what you are ranting about, so I apologize). Today I logged onto my myspace and had two friend requested from equally creepy looking old men. Why? 😦

    1. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am seriously starting to think myspace is selling girls off to really creepy dudes and pimps, because those are like the only people that find you. Like I expect people to find my blog and read it because thats what its here for, but the creepy requests on my myspace page (which is set on private) just scare me. How the hell do they find you? Someone should investigate….

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